World-Class Research Centre for Personalized Medicine

Almazov Centre participates in 14 scientific platforms of the Russian Ministry of Health and its specialists are included in the expert groups in six of these platforms. The research teams of the Centre were actively involved in shaping the research topics for these platforms.

The number of research staff in 2023:
Employees — 203
External – 62
Internal part-timers – 102
There are 115 researchers under 39 years old (58.1 %).

The scientific structure of Almazov Centre embraces the following research institutes, departments and laboratories:
— World-Class Research Centre for Personalized Medicine
— Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
— Institute of Heart and Vessels (37 departments)
— Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics (11 departments)
— Institute of Experimental Medicine (15 departments)
— Institute of Endocrinology (7 departments)
— Institute of Perinatology and Pediatrics (11 departments)
— Institute of Oncology and Hematology (11 departments)
— Polenov Neurosurgical Institute (branch of Almazov Centre, 17 departments)
— Radiology Unit
— Research Department of Microbiology and Nosocomial Infections
— Pathology Unit
— Rheumatology and Immunopathology Research Laboratory
— Department for Clinical Trials and Evidence-Based Medicine
— Core Facilities: Biobank, Preclinical Translational Research Centre

Among the leading scientists, led by Professor Evgeny Shlyakhto, Academician of RAS, are:
2 academicians of RAS,
2 corresponding members of RAS,
4 professors of RAS,
165 doctors of sciences,
465 candidates of sciences.

The total Hirsch index of the research staff is 3194 in RSCI and 1839 in Scopus.

The overall impact factor of the publications made in 2023 was 2096.1. Publication activities are increasing every year. In 2023, our scientists published 856 articles in top-tier journals, 228 of them were in Q1-2 journals.

In 2023, the Centre carried out research under 52 state assignments, 18 grants, 14 international MoUs and 87 clinical testing protocols.

Based on the results of state assignments, 853 articles with a total impact factor of 1738.7 were published in 2023 in journals with an impact factor higher than 0.3 (766 articles).

Almazov Centre has the following research institutes:

and 6 independent divisions:



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