The Almazov National Medical Research Centre continues to extensively and vigorously enhance its scientific performance from year to year.

Today, the Almazov Centre participates in 14 scientific platforms of the Russian Ministry of Health, and the Centre’s specialists are members of the expert groups in 6 of these platforms. In 2016, the Centre carried out research work on 43 scientific topics selected by the experts as part of the Government directive on science. The Centre employs almost 700 researchers and teachers, including one academician and four corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Science, 126 doctors of sciences and 223 PhDs. The Center has 64 research departments and laboratories. The total Hirsch index of the research staff is 1,841.

In 2016, the Almazov Centre carried out research under 3 grants received from the Russian Science Foundation, 11 grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and 2 grants from the Russian Foundation for Humanities. Nine patents were obtained and 26 patent applications were filed based on results of 2016.

The Almazov Centre has the following research institutes:

and 6 independent divisions:

Priority research branches