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Scientific life in 2022

April 26–28, 2022
XXI All-Russian Scientific-Practical Neurosurgery Conference Polenov's Readings

From April 26 to 28, the annual All-Russian Scientific-Practical Neurosurgery Conference with international participation Polenov's Readings took place in the Park Inn by Radisson Pribaltiyskaya Hotel in St. Petersburg.

The event was held in a hybrid form with the opportunity for speakers to participate online.

The event featured:

  • Symposium on Molecular Neuro-Oncology and Genomic Instability
  • Round table on Updates in Neuro-Oncology
  • Symposium on Artificial Intelligence in Neurosurgery
  • Round table on Neuropsychiatry in the System of Neurosciences
  • Round table on plexiform neurofibromas
  • Round table on ICP monitoring in neurosurgical patients

The conference featured presentations by renowned Russian and Belorussian scientists on two major multidisciplinary problems – neuro-oncology and functional and reconstructive neurosurgery.

April 21-23, 2022
XIII International Congress Nevsky Radiology Forum 2022

The XIII International Congress Nevsky Radiology Forum 2022 took place at the Boiling Point Coworking Space of Almazov Centre. The event summed up the results of the competition among PhD students, residents and graduate students with the presentation of research results and clinical observations. Students of Almazov Centre won many prizes.

The students of the Medical Education Institute for the first time presented the results of their research carried out as part of the student scientific society at the Diagnostic Radiology and Medical Imaging Department.

The Nevsky Radiology Forum also featured a game on diagnostic radiology “NRF-RING” organized by the specialists and students of Almazov Centre.

April 15, 2022
Scientific and educational conference – Neurology of the XXI Century: Topical Issues, Achievements and Innovations

On April 15, Almazov Centre hosted the scientific and educational conference Neurology of the XXI Century: Topical Issues, Achievements and Innovations. The conference attracted the attention of doctors from various specialties: neurologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, medical psychologists and brought together 263 participants, including leading neurologists and psychiatrists, professors and department heads of St. Petersburg universities, young doctors and scientists, as well as students, clinical residents and PhD students.

The conference focused on the current challenges of angioneurology, neuromuscular disorders, demyelinating diseases of the nervous system, paroxysmal conditions in neurology, connectome and connectopathy, neurorehabilitation, neurodegenerative diseases, modern pharmacotherapy strategies in psychiatry, psychotherapeutic approaches to the treatment and rehabilitation of patients, neurocognitive disorders, mental and behavioral disorders during the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health prevention and rehabilitation.

The event also featured a poster session with posters presented by young scientists on promising research on stroke, sleep-wake disorders, post-coronavirus neurological syndrome, epilepsy, etc. In addition, complex and interesting clinical cases were presented.

April 1, 2022
Interdisciplinary research and practical conference with international participation Vascular Tumors and Malformations in Children

Almazov Centre hosted the interdisciplinary research and practical conference with international participation Vascular Tumors and Malformations in Children. The conference was held in a hybrid mode.

Today, the personalized therapy for pediatric cancer patients is becoming increasingly relevant and requires the involvement of specialists from various fields in order to make a timely and accurate diagnosis and select the most effective treatment option with minimum toxic effects.

The invited speakers shared their experience in using various tactics and methods, including modern imaging, morphological and molecular genetic testing. They discussed in detail the issues of using targeted therapy in children with various forms of vascular tumors and malformations.

During the conference, the participants presented complex clinical cases that required great efforts both in the verification of the diagnosis and long periods of therapy with a combination of various methods. Vascular surgeons spoke about the possibilities of minimally invasive surgery for vascular tumors in children.

March 27-29, 2022
XIII annual international conference on Hybrid Technologies in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases (MICHS-2022)

On March 27-29, the XIII annual international conference on Hybrid Technologies in the Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases (MICHS-2022) took place in Moscow. The conference traditionally covered the most important issues and achievements of invasive cardiology and cardiovascular surgery: hybrid, minimally invasive and transcatheter procedures for the treatment of structural heart disease, new technologies and surgical methods for diseases of the aorta and its branches, main and peripheral vessels, new innovative imaging techniques for cardiovascular surgery.

Leading experts from more than ten countries spoke about the development of surgical methods in hybrid surgery of the heart, aorta and great vessels.

Presentations were devoted to the natural paradigm shift in the treatment of the aortic arch disease: from open surgery towards minimally invasive total replacement of the aortic arch and its branches, as well as the fast track trend in hybrid surgery for Leriche syndrome. Particular attention was placed on the need to build multidisciplinary teams.

March 15, 2022
18th Annual Symposium of the European LeukemiaNet

Researchers and hematologists-oncologists of the Almazov Centre continue to actively cooperate with the European Leukemia Network Foundation (ELN).

The specialists of the Research Institute for Immuno-Oncology of the WCRC for Personalized Medicine took part in the meetings of acute and chronic leukemia working parties at the 18th ELN Symposium. They joined the symposium online.

The presentation entitled “Blast crisis and transplantation: one center experience” presented data on the long-term results of allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (alloHSCT) in chronic myeloid leukemia in blast crisis (CML‐BC). This retrospective study showed comparable efficacy of alloHSCT from haploidentical and compatible related donors in CML‐BC.

The results of modern treatment methods for CML‐BC, including alloHSCT, cannot be considered optimal and further research is needed to develop new modes of Bridge therapy, conditioning, and improve post-transplant management of patients with CML‐BC. Effective research can only be multicenter.

March 11, 2022
V Annual Conference High Technologies in Gynecology of Childhood and Early Reproductive Age held online

Almazov Centre held the V Annual Conference on High Technologies in Gynecology of Childhood and Early Reproductive Age. This year’s event took place online and attracted a great deal of interest among both young doctors and senior professionals.

The program included three modules. The first module was devoted to the protection of children’s reproductive health in modern conditions.

The second module was devoted to certain surgical aspects of pediatric and adolescent gynecology and focused on the topical issues of surgical treatment of gynecological diseases.

The closing part was a debate club devoted to rare diseases in girls.

In closing, the participants of the conference praised the high level and relevance of the presentations, outlined the prospects for the development of the pediatric and adolescent gynecological care based on a multidisciplinary patient-centered approach.

February 24, 2022
Boiling Point at Almazov Centre as a platform to share experience and shape new solutions for vascular surgery

The Boiling Point Coworking Space at Almazov Centre has become a launching pad for breakthrough innovative solutions in cardiovascular surgery. The concept of a paradigm shift in the treatment of vascular patients was presented. It was noted that global trends today are geared towards the development of minimally invasive approaches based on the use of high-tech treatment methods.

The newly launched scientific platform of the Boiling Point has become a logical follow-up to an active work with novel ideas for the Vascular Surgery Clinic and Research Department. The main focus was on the introduction and improvement of hybrid and endovascular technologies to help patients with disease of the aorta and major arteries, as well as the experimental and clinical development of new medical devices for the treatment of vascular diseases.

February 8, 2022
Youth Science Day held online

On February 8, Science Day was held at the Boiling Point Coworking Space of Almazov Centre. The program featured unique lectures from the prominent experts of the Centre’s scientific community.

In his welcome speech, Russian Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko expressed gratitude to Russian scientists for the millions of lives saved thanks to their discoveries and inventions. This welcome was followed by the greeting address from Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education Alexei Medvedev who highlighted the growing importance of involving young people in science, putting forward new ideas and training highly qualified medical professionals.

Director General of Almazov Centre Evgeny Shlyakhto congratulated the students and young scientists on the Science Day. He spoke about modern trends and innovations in the field of medical education and an ecosystem where science, education and practical healthcare closely interact, and also introduced the prospects for medical education.

January 13-14, 2022
Gaidar Forum, Russia and the World: Priorities

The Forum was held in a combined “television” format: experts facilitated the discussions from specially equipped studios, while participants followed them online. The key events at the Forum were centered around the topics that will be of paramount importance for Russia in the near future: social sector, education and healthcare, construction and environment, digital transformation and technological development, government for the people, and regional development.

Director General of Almazov Centre, President of the Russian Society of Cardiology Evgeny Shlyakhto took part in the Forum as a moderator of the expert session titled “Chronic Non-Communicable Diseases: from Population Health to High-Tech.”



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