Research work


Following the state assignment, the Centre published 411 articles in journals, mostly with an impact factor of more than 0.3. The overall impact factor of the publications made in 2017 was 411.4 (as compared to 119 in 2013, 137 in 2014, 208.1 in 2015, 300.6 in 2016 respectively). As part of the applied research, the Centre continued to develop the prototypes of medical devices and new drugs, conducted the preclinical trials of the drug based on succinic acid for the treatment of osteoporosis, developed the approaches for targeted drug delivery by inorganic nanocarriers. Twenty-two patents were obtained and ten patent applications were filed based on the results of 2017. Quarterly and annual publication performance (defined as the number of publications in top-tier journals per researcher) was regularly above the standard established for research institutions.

In 2017, the Almazov Centre carried out research under 7 grants received from the Russian Science Foundation and 8 grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

More than 400 abstracts were published at major scientific conferences and more than 30 presentations were made at World or European congresses. The Centre’s researchers are members of international expert communities and editorial boards for major European magazines; they referee articles in various publishing systems and are included in the working groups preparing the international clinical guidelines as well as in expert councils and scientific program committees of major international congresses and conferences. The Centre is proud to have two Academicians, two corresponding members and three professors of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In 2017, the Almazov Centre held a number of international congresses, conferences and events with international participation, including the Scientific Session of the Translational Medicine Cluster, All-Russian scientific and practical conference Polenov’s Readings, meeting of the Russian-Swedish Working Group on Health Cooperation (jointly with the Russian Ministry of Health), joint German-Russian Workshop as part of the traditional German Week 2017 entitled “CVDs and Their Treatment” (jointly with the Health Committee of the St. Petersburg Government), All-Russian conference with international participation Team Approach in Modern Endocrinology, the 9th interdisciplinary conference on obstetrics, perinatology and neonatology Healthy Woman — Healthy Newborn, and more.

The researchers and clinicians of the Centre gave presentations, presented posters and served as chairs of scientific symposia at international congresses and conferences, including the Annual Congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC 2017) in Rome, Italy, the Annual Scientific Session of the American College of Cardiology (ACC) in Chicago, USA, the Annual Scientific Session of the American Heart Association (AHA) in New Orleans, USA, and many others.