Priority research branches


  • Examination of molecular genetic base of cardiovascular, blood, endocrine organs and rheumatology diseases origins; new methods of their progress prediction among healthy people; clarification of individual cardiovascular, blood, rheumatology diseases and endocrine pathology prophylactics and treatment on the base of patients’ genetic cards; new cellular therapy technologies development and implementation of nanotechnologies into cardiovascular diseases treatment etc.
  • High-tech cardiological and cardiac surgical aid system organization. Development of new methods of congenital and acquired heart valvular diseases surgical treatment (including newborns and younger children); surgical revascularization in coronary heart disease; new high-tech methods of diagnosis, surgical and conservative treatment of heart rhythm disorders and cardiac conduction disorders; new transfusion therapy methods. Cardiovascular diseases surgical treatment perfection based on using the remote handling tools, minimally invasive surgery and hybrid surgery.
  • Rise of high-tech medical care effectiveness on the basis of scientifically based standards and optimal preoperative examination scheme to find out additional risk factors and to improve patients’ preparation to different cardiac surgical invasions. Optimization of the myocardium defense scheme during the cardiac surgeries amidst the extracorporeal circulation and working/open heart with assistance of ischemic and pharmacological preconditioning, ischemic myocardium postconditioning, intra- and post-operative complications by ischaemic and reperfusive damage limitation.
  • Medical care development and implementation in patients with arterial hypertension, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes mellitus; new methods of periodic health examination in organized and unorganized teams; creation of pre-hospital care and prophylactics rooms net; implementation of high informational and tele health technologies into the screening and epidemiological populative researches; arterial hypertension, blood system and endocrine organs diseases examination and new treatment methods development.
  • Scientific basis perfection of population specialized high-tech medical care (in Federal Almazov Centre’s speciality), creation of medical care quality systems on the basis of high informational and tele health technologies support, development of continuous on-line education system using the tele health technologies and individual on-line education.
  • Development and implementation of new medical technologies in perinatology aimed at providing high-tech medical care to women suffering from cardiovascular pathology during the pregnancy and maternity, prenatal diagnosis and congenital abnormality of cardiovascular development management with following surgical correction of cardiac defects among the newborns.