Institute of Experimental Medicine


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Mikhail Galagudza, MD, DSc
Director of the Institute
Professor and Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Institute of Experimental Medicine

The Institute of Experimental Medicine is a structural unit of Almazov National Medical Research Centre. Since 2017, it has had two units: the Centre for Experimental Biomodeling and the Preclinical Translational Research Centre.

The Institute of Experimental Medicine is a unique facility combining a nursery for the common types of laboratory animals (rodents, fish and tailless amphibians, pigs) and fully equipped laboratories for all types of research, including preclinical studies to evaluate the safety and efficacy of drugs.

Main activity

The Institute conducts experimental studies in compliance with GLP regulations to investigate the mechanisms underlying the onset and development of cardiovascular, blood and endocrine diseases as well as to develop and implement the new medical technologies that improve the quality of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of these diseases.

The Institute conducts preclinical studies to test the safety and efficacy of new drugs using SPF animals, introduces the results of research into clinical practice and training process as part of the translational medicine concept.

Possibilities for preclinical studies

  • Assessment of the toxicological profile of drugs (animal condition monitoring, biochemistry, pathology)
  • Aseptic surgery in chronic experiments
  • Full description of the cardiovascular system functions

Major tasks

  • Study of the pharmacokinetics, safety and specific activity of intravenous nicotinamide riboside administration in doxorubicin cardiomyopathy
  • Development of technologies for magnetic drug delivery to the targeted area
  • Role of metalloproteinases in the tumor pathogenesis and activation of the hemostasis system during tumor growth
  • Development of solid-phase granules for contact hemomodulation and activation of reparative processes in various injuries (burns, wounds, diabetes mellitus)
  • Development of theranostic agents based on biodegradable polymeric and protein nanocarriers
  • Development of a software system for remote myocardial conditioning based on local abdominal decompression
  • Development and optimization of toxicity testing protocol for substances with a molecular weight of more than 3 kDa in fish (Zebra fish)
  • Development and preclinical testing of surgical fluorescence imaging techniques

Structure of the Institute

Centre for Experimental Biomodeling

Preclinical Translational Research Centre

  • Preclinical Research Group
  • Veterinary Service
    — Department of Biological Test Systems and Biomodels
    — Rodent Vivarium
    — Sterilization Department
  • Neurobiology Research Group
  • Archives
  • Engineering Department
  • Pharmaceutical Department

Training and education

The Institute of Experimental Medicine has been actively involved in the educational process. Since 2015, training has been offered as part of the translational medicine concept in the following areas:

  • Principles of a modern vivarium and research using SPF animals
  • General principles of surgery in SPF rodents and surgical modeling of cardiovascular disease
  • General principles of working with laboratory animals: manipulations, surgery, necropsy
  • High-Quality Biomedical Experiment
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Testing unit for magnetic delivery of nanoparticles into the vascular system (options)”
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Centre for Experimental Biomodeling
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Preclinical Translational Research Centre
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