Calendar of events 2017



June 8-10
12th Metabolic Syndrome, type 2 diabetes mellitus and Atherosclerosis Congress (MSDA 2017)
Saint Petersburg, Russia

June 15-16
Scientific-practical Conference with International Participation “Preventive Cardiology 2017”
Moscow, Russia

June 16-19
27th European Meeting on Hypertension and Cardiovascular Protection
Milan, Italy

June 18-21
EHRA Europace — Cardiostim 2017
Vienna, Austria

June 22-24
Russian-French Conference «Sleep Disorders as a Cardiovascular Risk Factor: epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment»
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

June 28
Innovation CSI Focus 2017
Frankfurt, Germany

June 29 — July 1
8th International Meeting on ADMA and Methylarginines
Hamburg, Germany

June 29 — July 1
Cardio Update Europe 2017
Prague, Czech Republic

June 29-July 1
Сonference «Current strategies and future prospects of oncology and hematology therapy (experts from MD Anderson Cancer Center for the Russian hematologists)»
Saint-Petersburg, Russia


July 7-9
2nd Congress of Cardiovascular Prevention in Pre-Elderly and Elderly Individuals (CPPEI)
Vienna, Austria


August 8-10
11th Annual Australia and New Zealand Endovascular Therapies Meeting (ANZET 17)
Perth, Australia

August 26-30
ESC Congress 2017
Barcelona, Spain


September 2-6
29th European Congress of Pathology
Amsterdam, the Netherlands

September 2-6
32nd International Congress on Epilepsy
Barcelona, Spain

September 6-7
Scientific and practical Conference «Frontiers in endocrinology»
Saint Petersburg, Russia

September, 7-9
5th ENEA Workshop «Hyperprolactinemia and other endocrine causes of infertility»
ENEA Workshop «Hyperprolactinemia and Other Endocrine Causes of Infertility»”
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

September 11-13
VII Russian School of Practical Arrhythmology
Saint Petersburg, Russia

September 11-15
53rd EASD Annual Meeting
Lisbon, Portugal

September 16-21
The XXIII World Congress of Neurology (WCN 2017)
Kyoto, Japan

September, 21-23
Menarini Foundation Congress in Cardiology
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

September, 28-29
Congress with international participation «Davidenkov readings» (neurology)
Saint-Petersburg, Russia


October 5-7
Scientific session of medical scientific educational cluster «Translational medicine»
Saint Petersburg, Russia

October 12-15
Great Wall International Congress of Cardiology in 2017 (GW-ICC)
Beijing, China

October 15-17
ICCAD 2017
Venice, Italy

October 20-21
6th Global Experts Meeting on Cardiology and Cardiovascular Pharmacology
Osaka, Japan


January 15-17
10th International Conference on Acute Cardiac Care
Tel Aviv, Israel

January 17-20
XI International congress on reproductive medicine
Moscow, Russia

January 31 – February 1
14th Annual Symposium of the European LeukemiaNet
Mannheim, Germany


February 28-29
36th Annual Congress of the Belgian Society of Cardiology
Brussel, Belgium

February 10-12
The 3rd World Congress on Clinical Lipidology
Brisbane, Australia

February 16-18
4TS international conference
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

February 16-17
Interdisciplinary school of pathology of the skeletal system
Saint Petersburg, Russia


March 15-16
2nd International Conference on Cardiovascular Medicine and Cardiac Surgery
London, UK

March 15-17
EuroCHORUS 2017
Strasbourg, France

March 15-17
17th European Heart Disease and Heart Failure Congress
London, UK

March 17-19
Chicago, USA

March 20- April 1
Training course “Stable ischemic disease: rehabilitation and prevention”
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

March 20- April 15
Additional professional training program “Selected issues of cardiology, enhanced ECG study and methods for rhythm and conduction disorders diagnostics”
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

March 23-26
World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases
Florence, Italy

March 23-26
13th International Update in Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Congress (UCCVS)
Izmir, Turkey

March 24-25
Moscow, Russia

March 30- April 1
V Global Educational Forum “Russian Cardiovascular Days”
Moscow, Russia


April 1
Practical seminar “Hot issues in Arrhythmologyin St. Petersburg” and the 42ndMeeting of the regional department of the Russian Society of Arrhythmology and the School of Practical Arrhythmology
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

April 2-4
13th Annual Congress ECAS 2017
Rome, Italy

April 6-8
EuroPRevent 2017
Malaga, Spain

April 14
Scientific conference “Traditions and innovations of Petersburg Pediatrics”
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

April 19-21
XVI Russian scientific conference “Polenov’s Readings”

April 20-21
Forum of Young Сardiologists
Krasnoyarsk, Russia

April 20-21
XII Russian scientific conference with international participation «Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention in Cardiology»
Moscow, Russia

April 23-26
EAS Congress 2017
Prague, Czech Republic

April 25-26
Annual Conference of the Israel Heart Society
Tel Aviv, Israel

April 25-27
VI International Medical Congress
Kyiv, Ukraine

April 29 — May 2
Heart Failure 2017
Paris, France


May 5-6
EuroGUCH 2017
Lausanne, Switzerland

May 11-14
LIVE 2017 — Leading Innovative Vascular Education
Thessaloniki, Greece

May 12-14
School on Gynecological Endocrinology for gynecologists and obstetricians
Saint-Petersburg, Russia

May 13-14
HKSTENT — Cardiovascular Intervention Complication Forum 2017
Hong Kong, China

May 17-18
X Conference in Obstetrics, Perinatology, Neonatology «Healthy woman – healthy newborn»
Saint Petersburg, Russia

May 18-20
International Cardiology & Cardiovascular Medicine Summit — 2017
Bangkok, Thailand

May 18-20
EuroHeartCare 2017
Jonkoping, Sweden

May 25-27
EuroCMR 2017
Prague, Czech Republic

May 26-27
Conference “Current Issues of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care”
Pskov, Russia




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