Calendar of events 2019



January 28–31
Leipzig Interventional Course (LINC)
Leipzig, Germany

January 21–24
13th International Congress on Reproductive Medicine
Moscow, Russia

January 24–25
4th All-Russian Conference of Young Scientists Current Challenges of Surgery and Surgical Oncology
Moscow, Russia


February 2
School on Managing Patients with High Cardiovascular Risk in Outpatient Setting
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

February 5
Symposium Rare Diagnosis in Pediatric Practice
Saint Petersburg, Russia

February 7–8
BSC Congress 2019 (Belgian Society of Cardiology)
Brussels, Belgium

February 7–9
5th All-Russian Conference with international participation Perinatal Medicine: from Preconception Preparation to Healthy Maternity and Childhood
Saint Petersburg, Russia

February 7–9
CACVS 2019
Paris, France

February 12
ELN Symposium 2019
Mannheim, Germany

February 14–16
4TS Conference 2019
Dubai, UAE

February 14–16
TCT 2019 Peripheral
Milan, Italy

February 18–19
30th European Heart Diseases and Heart Failure Congress
Amsterdam, Netherlands

February 21–24
ASCVTS Congress
Chennai, India


March 9-10
HKSTENT — Cardiovascular Interventional Complication Forum (CICF)
Hong Kong, China

March 11–12
New Delhi, India

March 15–19
34th Annual EAU Congress
Barcelona, Spain

March 16–18
ACC Scientific Sessions 2019
New Orleans, USA

March 17–19
EHRA 2019
Lisbon, Portugal

March 20–22
24th All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference with international participation Laboratory Service in Modern Realities
Moscow, Russia

March 21–22
Padova, Italy

March 22–24
Saint Petersburg Forum How to Fight Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes: Patient Focus
Saint Petersburg, Russia


April 4–7
WCO-IOF-ESCEO: World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases
Paris, France

April 10–12
22nd Congress of the Russian Society of Endoscopic Surgeons Minimally Invasive Surgery and Rapid Rehabilitation Technologies — Key Areas of Technology Breakthrough in Russian Healthcare
Moscow, Russian

April 11–13
EuroPrevent 2019
Saint Petersburg, Russia

April 15–17
18th All-Russian Scientific-Practical Neurosurgery Conference Polenov's Readings
Saint Petersburg, Russia

April 15–18
Charing Cross Symposium
London, UK

April 18–19
Eurasian scientific conference Donosology-2019
Saint Petersburg, Russia

April 18–19
5th Scientific and Practical Conference for Urologists of North-Western Federal District
Saint Petersburg, Russia

April 24–25
7th International Conference Orgzdrav-2019. Effective Management of Healthcare Organizations
Moscow, Russia

April 29 — May 1
4th World Heart Congress
Kyoto, Japan


May 15–18
53rd Annual Meeting for European Paediatric and Congenital Cardiology
Seville, Spain

May 16–18
Almazov Youth Medical Forum — 2019
Saint Petersburg, Russia

May 21-24
Paris, France

May 22-25
68th Congress of the European Society of Cardiovascular and Endovascular Surgery (ESCVS)
Groningen, Netherlands

May 25-28
Heart Failure 2019
Athens, Greece

May 26–29
EAS Congress 2019
Maastricht, Netherlands

May 28–30
13th Russian National Congress Radiology
Moscow, Russia

May 29 – June 1
ISMICS Annual Meeting
New York


June 6–8
8th All-Russian Arrhythmology Congress
Tomsk, Russia

June 7–8
Interdisciplinary Conference Central Nervous System Tumors in Children: Diagnostic Difficulties and Treatment Prospects
Saint Petersburg, Russia

June 10–11
Hypertension meeting
Helsinki, Finland

June 17–19
31st Annual Cardiologists Conference
Rome, Italy

June 18–19
Aortic valve repair summit
Paris, France

June 19–22
TCT-Russia 2019 International Congress on Endovascular Surgery
Kazan, Russia

June 20–23
5th Saint Petersburg International Oncology Forum White Nights 2019
Saint Petersburg, Russia

June 22–26
33rd International Epilepsy Congress
Bangkok, Thailand

June 28–29
Eurasian Orthopedic Forum
Moscow, Russia


July 6–10
STH 2019 Congress
Melbourne, Russia


August 31 — September 4
ESC Congress
Paris, France


September 7–11
Nice, France

September 7–11
Barcelona, Spain

September 11–13
5th Russian Congress on Laboratory Medicine
Moscow, Russia

September 16–20
European Association for the Study of Diabetes
55th Annnual Meeting 2019

Barcelona, Spain

September 23–27
33rd ESVS Annual Meeting
Hamburg, Germany

September 24-27
Russian National Congress of Cardiology 2019
Ekaterinburg, Russia

September 25–29
TCT Symposium
San Francisco, USA

September 27 — October 1
ESMO 2019 Congress
Barcelona, Spain


October 3-5
33rd EACTS Annual Meeting 2019
Lisbon, Portugal


November 16–18
AHA Scientific Sessions 2019
Philadelphia, USA


December 4–7
Vienna, Austria



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