International Collaboration 2012


In 2012 Almazov Federal Centre carried on collaboration with worldwide-known medical institutes and universities due to exchange of scientific and practical knowledge, organization of cooperative conferences and symposiums, carrying out training programmes and unique operations.

Recently, more and more Russian and European specialists are attracted to Almazov Centre in order to see all possibilities of large-scale federal medical institution. Foreign medical universities and organizations Almazov Centre had cooperative projects with in 2012 are the following:

  • Karolinska Institute (Sweden): carrying out cooperative work in the project dedicated to metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance and endothelial dysfunction; specialists education in the field of oncohematology and cytogenetics; clinical specialists exchange in endovascular surgery and interventional cardiology profiles. The work is underway until 2013.
  • University of Strasbourg (France): educational and scientific collaboration with the aim of further development of heart and lung transplantation, large-scale implementation of organ transplantation into healthcare practice;
  • Yale University (USA): collaboration in the field of specialist training in cardiovascular surgery and interventional surgery profiles;
  • German Institute of Human Nutrition (DIfE) (Germany): carrying out cooperative scientific work in the field of metabolic syndrome forecast and prevention methods in Germany and Russia within the framework of a joint project “PREGERUS” — Prediction and Prevention of Metabolic Syndrome in Germany and Russia; carrying out cooperative scientific work within “GERUSSFIT – German-Russian Research of Dietary Fiber ” project.
  • Greehey Children's Cancer Research Institute (Greehey CCRI) (USA): carrying out cooperative scientific work in the field of molecular and physiology DNA damage markers study in cells of hemoblastosis patients;
  • University of Heidelberg (Germany): carrying out joint research work in the field of chronic myelogenous leukemia treatment in the context of grant programme “EUropean Treatment Outcome Study (EUTOS) for CML of European LeukemiaNet” project;
  • University of Ferrara (Italy);
  • University of Iowa (USA);
  • University of Oslo (Norway).

The most significant 2012 events held in Almazov Centre with the participation of foreign specialists are following:

Лекция профессора Роберто Феррари

On 10 February 2012 the lecture of the former ESC president, Prof. Roberto Ferrari (Italy), took place in Almazov Centre. His speech Future Cardiovascular Research was devoted to the future development of cardiological science.

On 15-16 March 2012 the conference with the international participation “Organization of emergency help system at acute coronary syndrome. Role of modern information technologies” was held. The leading Russian experts and cardiologists from Czech Republic, the USA, Estonia, Hungary and Lithuania took part in the conference. In two days 5 section meetings, 4 satellite symposiums, master class, seminar “Modern technologies of cardiopulmonary resuscitation” and round table meeting took place. Also, there were video live translations from Centre operating rooms for analysis of clinical cases

Scientific and practical symposium “Modern aspects of Cardiothoracic Surgery” was held in Almazov Centre on 17 March 2012. Well-known Russian and foreign surgeons participate in symposium and presented unique experience from Russian and French surgical centers in heart and lungs transplantation. Prof. Gilbert Massard (France) reported about new technologies in lungs transplantation and training of cardiothoracic surgeons in France. Moreover, Prof. Nicola Santelmo made statements about robotized surgical complex “DaVinci”.

24 to 26 May 2012 passed All-Russian scientific and practical conference “Innovative technologies in diabetology and hematology”. During the conference 4 plenary lectures, 13 symposiums, 7 section meetings, round table meeting “Modern treatment tactics of CLL in Russia” and master class “From diabetic polyneuropathy to diabetic foot”.

Foreign specialists actively participated in conference work: during section meetings Prof. Tadej Battelino (Slovenia), Prof. Bruce Wolffenbuttel (the Netherlands), Prof. Michaela Diamant (the Netherlands), Prof. David Kerr (the UK), Prof. Howard Zisser (the USA) lectured.

On the third working day morning scientific meeting was devoted to bariatric surgery on obese people and sick with diabetes mellitus type 2. Prof. Nicola Scopinaro (Italy) talked about scientific results.

During the day symposium “Innovative treatment tactics of diabetic foot” continued its work. The participants of this event were world-class specialists – Prof. I. V. Gurieva (Moscow), Prof. Solomon Tesfaye (the UK), Prof. Robert Frykberg (the USA), Prof. Karel Bakker (the Netherlands) and others.

At the same time, symposiums and section meetings took place in “Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya” Hotel, educational lectures were held in Almazov Centre. Prof. R. Gale (the USA), Prof. U. Djurzen (Germany), Prof. B. Glass (Germany) made speeches.

Also, 24 to 26 May2012 International symposium on resistant hypertension took place in Saint-Petersburg. This event is integral part of 22nd ESH Congress, which was held on 26-29 April 2012 in London. On the opening ceremony honorary president of the congress, Prof. Alberto Zanchetti (Italy), made a speech. His lecture during symposium was devoted to resistance to positive effects of arterial pressure reduction.

During plenary meetings foreign specialists delivered lectures. Issues of genetic factors impact were examined by Prof. Anna Dominiczak (the UK) and Prof. Peter Nilsson (Sweden). Prof. Edward Lakatta (the USA) reported on the subject of rate increase mainly systolic HTN. Prof. Stephane Laurent (France) talked about damage of vascular wall and Prof. Andrzej Januszewicz (Poland) reported on database of resistant HTN sick maintenance and its use in clinical practice.

Professors Roland Schmieder (Germany), Gianfranco Parati (Italy), Krzysztof Narkiewicz (Poland), Margus Viigimaa (Estonia), Frans Leenen (Canada), Alexei Bagrov (the USA), Lars Lindholm (Sweden) also made a speech during meetings.

On 9 June 2012 the first Eurasian summit of Perinatal medicine took place in “Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya” Hotel. Delegations from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Russia were the initiators of the summit. The programme included reports from representatives of member-countries.

Seminar on coronary stents thrombosis at IHD took place in Almazov Centre on 3 July 2012. Marc Eisenberg (Canada) made a speech about late drug-eluting stent thrombosis. The result of this meeting was several agreements on future joint research in the area.

Участники симпозиума «Новые подходы к снижению кардиометаболического риска»

On 23-24 July 2012 symposium “New ways of decreasing cardiometabolical risk” was held by Almazov Centre and German Institute of Human Nutrition DIfE (Germany). The programme of symposium included presentations by its specialists.

Symposium “Monogenic deceases with malfunction of insulin secretion in pediatric and therapeutic practice” took place on 6 September 2012. Prof. Winfried Barthlen (Germany) made a report on modern surgical therapy approach in treatment inherent hyperinsulinism and talked about his data. At the end of symposium agreements on collaboration in the area of monogenic malfunction of insulin secretion and creation of patient register were settled.

13 to 15 September 2012 in Almazov Centre VIII International Scientific Conference Sudden death: from risk assessment to prevention was held. On plenary meeting programme reports were made. Prof. Brian Olshansky (the USA) talked about perspectives of arrhythmology. Due to the telemedicine delegates had opportunity to participate in surgeon carried out in Italy by Prof. Carlo Pappone. Furthermore, prof. Pappone deliver a lecture on interventional treatment of ventricular tachycardia in order to decrease cardiac patients death rate. On the symposium Prof. E. Delacreta (Switzerland) and Prof. G.V.Kolunin (Russia) also made speeches.

On 21 September 2012 Prof. Paul Older (Australia) made a report “Preoperative cardiorespiratory testing in anesthetic practice” during broadened meeting of the Centre scientific and clinical council.

Доклад Сверкера Ека на конференции «Здоровая женщина — здоровый новорожденный»

On 3 November 2012 scientific and practical conference Modern medical technologies in cardiological anesthesiology took place. Conference programme included 5 sectional meetings. Leading Russian cardioanesthesists made reports. During the event there was videoconference with National Heart and Cardiac Surgery Centre (Slovakia), where Prof. Pavol Torok told about multilevel artificial respiration and new approach of respiratory support optimization.

15-16 November 2012 VII Interdisciplinary Conference on Obstetrics, Perinatology and Neonatology “Healthy Woman – Healthy Newborn” took place in Almazov Centre. Scientific programme was devoted to actual matters of perinatology. By tradition, foreign specialists participated in conference: James Bushby (the UK), Sverker Ek, Boubou Hallberg, Peter Nilsson (Sweden), Johan Eriksson (Finland), Marek Napiontek (Poland), Stefan Verloheren (Germany), Д. Н. Сурков (Ukraine).

This conference also gave the opportunity to participant to get to know with the advanced equipment of Perinatal Centre as well as with simulation centre founded on its basis.



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