International collaboration


International Collaboration

The Almazov Centre has achieved a broad international outreach, in particular through international cooperation in joint research, educational programs and clinical trials.

Today, the Centre collaborates with more than 35 institutions and leading clinics around the world, including those offering educational exchange.

Our major international partners are:

One of the key cooperation projects of the Almazov Center is with the iCMLf (International Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Foundation), Great Britain, under the Emerging Regions Support and Partnership Program (ERSAP) as well as with the European LeukemiaNet supported by the European Union and bringing together doctors, researchers and patients to promote knowledge and joint research on leukemia.

The Almazov Centre is a member of ENEA — European Neuroendocrine Association. The Institute of Endocrinology has been cooperating with ENEA for many years. The result of this cooperation was a joint conference Hyperprolactinemia and Other Endocrine Causes of Infertility in 2017.