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Almazov Centre has achieved a broad international outreach, in particular through international cooperation in joint research, educational programs and clinical trials.

Major goals:

  • Collaboration with various international organizations, medical and scientific societies and professional associations
  • Development of academic mobility for the leading specialists of Almazov Centre, PhD students and residents
  • Development of the scientific and educational potential of the Centre and increasing its international recognition and competitive edge globally
  • Comprehensive integration of Almazov Centre into the global scientific and educational community
  • Internationalization of research and educational programs
  • Development of medical tourism and leading position in the medical services market

Major focus areas:

  • Coordination of the Centre’s activities in international organizations/societies
  • Establishment and development of international partnerships with Almazov Centre, including organizational support for the implementation of international MoU
  • Collection and accumulation of information from the divisions of Almazov Centre on all forms of international cooperation, preparation of reports and plans for international cooperation of the Centre
  • Information activities to create a sustainable international image of Almazov Centre as a leading innovative research and teaching hospital in Russia and globally
  • Coordination of foreign delegations and official visits to Almazov Centre
  • Engagement of foreign delegates to share experience in the field of medical science, higher education and clinical practice
  • Engagement in organizing and holding events with international participation at Almazov Centre
  • Coordination of international academic mobility programs
  • Participation of Almazov Centre in international rankings, monitoring and analysis of the Centre’s promotion in international rankings
  • Facilitation of medical tourism development

Our partners

Today, Almazov Centre collaborates with a number of universities and leading clinics around the world, including those offering educational exchange. It has memoranda of understanding with more than 48 foreign partners from more than 19 countries.


26 – Western Europe, 10 – CIS, 3 – USA, 4 – Baltic states, 1 – Middle East, 4 – Eastern Asia

Key partners
univ di milano University of Milan (Italy): joint research on CVD risk factors with a particular focus on dyslipidemia, nutrition, obesity, diabetes mellitus, angiogenesis and metabolic disorders.
Университет_Страсбурга University of Strasbourg (France): educational and research cooperation for further development of heart and lung transplantation, large-scale implementation of organ transplants into healthcare practice.
Oslo University of Oslo (Norway): joint research, training and conferences on experimental medicine and molecular biology, particularly in the area of epigenetic regulation of stem cells.
charite Institute of Vegetative Physiology of the Charité University Clinic (Germany): joint research in the areas of blood circulation system and neurosurgical conditions.
University of Ferrara, University of Verona (Italy): joint fundamental research, in particular on molecular mechanisms underlying aortic and myocardial diseases, cardiovascular surgery.
Льеж Liege University (Belgium): joint clinical research and development of methods for studying coma and other conditions of impaired consciousness.
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Tel-Aviv University, Bar-Ilan University (Israel): joint research in the areas of endocrine disorders, diabetes mellitus and preeclampsia.
MD Anderson MD Anderson Cancer Centre (USA): planning and implementation of research programs in oncology; online training modules for cancer care providers; clinical and interdisciplinary research in cancer prevention and treatment.
Институт Броада Broad Institute (USA): research in the epidemiology of CVD risk factors.
fimm FIMM
foto-1_0 University of Perugia
WHO Collaborating Centre


Prof. Evgeny Shlyakhto and Dr. Bente Mikkelsen (WHO)

In 2018, Almazov Centre was officially declared a WHO Collaborating Centre for CVDs, eHealth and value-based medicine.

Priority areas as part of collaboration with WHO include:

  • expert activity in the development and implementation of measures for the prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases with a special focus on epidemiology, emergency care, primary and secondary prevention and rehabilitation,
  • promoting the understanding of value-based care and personalized medicine and their use in the field of NCDs,
  • increasing awareness to assist WHO in the implementation of evidence-based approaches for NCDs,
  • exploring the possibilities of using e-health and telemedicine technologies for NCD prevention and treatment.

Collaboration with WHO includes visits of experts from Almazov Centre to the Central Asian countries (Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan). Based on the results of 3 missions, strategic documents were published on the establishment and development of medical care systems for heart attack and stroke.

WHO seminars and sessions held at Almazov Centre:

  1. Flagship seminar of the WHO European Healthy Cities Network: Strengthening City Diplomacy for Health and Well-Being in the WHO European Region (More)
  2. Official designation ceremony of Almazov Centre as WHO Collaborating Centre with 2 strategic sessions devoted to the areas of cooperation between WHO and Almazov Centre (More)

Currently, Almazov Centre continues to be involved in WHO activities in various areas, including in the fight against non-communicable diseases in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cooperation with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

In 2019, Almazov Centre started cooperation with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in 5 major areas: medical tourism, science, education, IT in medicine and congress activities.

The Centre is an active partner of the SCO Business Council on strengthening business ties between the SCO member states and implementing mutually beneficial projects in the field of medicine and health care.

The year 2020 marked two special events as part of cooperation with the SCO: SCO Business Conclave and China-Russia Medical Exchange Conference on Personalized Approach to COVID-19 Treatment. The participants of both meetings unanimously noted the contribution made by doctors from both countries to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and expressed their hope for further discussions and mutually beneficial cooperation.

World-Class Research Centre for Personalized Medicine

In August 2020, the Council for State Support for the Creation and Development of World-Class Research Centres carrying out R&D in the priority areas of science and technology approved the list of 10 world-class research centres (WCRC). The government support for the area “Personalized medicine, high-tech healthcare and health-preserving technologies” was provided to the WCRC for Personalized Medicine established at Almazov Centre and the Institute of Experimental Medicine.

WCRC for Personalized Medicine aims to create a biomedical ecosystem for the development and implementation of advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies based on personalized medicine into healthcare practice.

To ensure the high level of ongoing research and its compliance with the modern world trends, the WCRC has a significant focus on international collaboration. The WCRC International Advisory Board includes 29 world leading experts in all areas of personalized medicine and more than 200 world scientists are expected to be engaged in all WCRC areas.

Almazov Centre in global rankings

Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2021

Almazov Centre is the only research institution ranked high in Times Higher Education Impact Rankings 2021 in terms of its contribution to SDG 3: Good Health and Well-Being. It was also ranked for two more categories of THE Impact Rankings: SDG 16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions and SDG 4 Quality Education (More).

U-Multirank 2021

Рейтинг U-Multirank

Having presented the results of its Medical Education Institute, Almazov Centre successfully debuted in U-Multirank 2021, one of the most popular university rankings not only in Europe, but also worldwide. With 6 ‘A’ scores overall, Almazov Centre scored “very good” in 3 categories: research, knowledge transfer and regional engagement (More).

International membership

Specialists of Almazov Centre are members of international societies, editorial boards of major European journals, reviewers in various publishing systems, they are involved in the working groups for international clinical guidelines, expert councils and scientific program committees of major international congresses and conferences.

Almazov Centre is a member of the Consortium on Thyroid and Pregnancy, an international research collaboration comprising study groups from leading institutions in the Netherlands, USA, Great Britain, Finland, Spain, China, etc. The first results of the Consortium's work were published in JAMA and The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.



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