Federal Almazov North-West Medical Research Centre

Almazov National Medical Research Centre

The main activities of Almazov National Medical Research Centre  are:

  • Carrying out fundamental and applied researches in cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, transfusiology and cellar therapy, rheumatology and endocrinology;
  • Creation of new technologies of preventive maintenance, diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular system, blood and endocrinology organs diseases;
  • Wide implementation of the scientific researches results in practice to decrease general disease incidence and death rate from cardiovascular diseases, blood and endocrinology organs diseases in Russian Federation;
  • Delivery of cardiological and cardiac surgery health care and also application of new technologies in treatment in the sphere of endocrinology, rheumatology and blood system diseases;
  • Training of scientific and medical staff using high medical technologies.

The Centre was founded in 1980 (Cardiology Research and Development Establishment of Ministry of Health of Russian Federation) , it soon became one of the leading Russian scientific medical institution which carried out fundamental and applied researches, trainings of scientific and pedagogical medical staff, post-diploma education of doctors. During 29 years our specialists defended 42 doctor's and 135 candidate's dissertations, 76 monographs and textbooks have been published, 50 patents  were taken and about 100 methodical recommendations and manuals for the doctors, which deals with the introduction of the new technologies of diagnostics and treatments in clinical practice were prepared.

Now the Centre consists of 6 research institutions: Institute of Heart and Vessels, Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Institute of Experimental Medicine, Institute of Endocrinology, Institute of Hematology, Institute of Perinatology and Pediatrics which unite 47 Centre research divisions,  laboratories, sectors and groups; 494 person — scientific staff, more than 2000 people — clinical staff; and also 2 corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, 59 MDs and 129 PhDs.

According to the Commission of the President of the Russian Federation №349 from 06.02.2001 the building of a new inpatient and outpatient complex (350 cots,  total area  42000 sq.m.) comes to the end.  Its characteristics correspond to the best worldwide standards. In 2006 The First complex (outpatient, station of blood transfusion with cryogenic bank) started working. In 2008 in pursuance on Federal Targeted Investment Program building and construction works  and setting to work the main buildings of the inpatient and outpatient complex were completed — the surgical wing for cardiopulmonary bypass operations, the surgical wing for endovascular interventions and operations on  heart, cardiac surgery units for adults and children, vascular surgery units, anesthesiology units, resuscitation and intensive therapy units, cardiac infarction units, rheumatology and other medical and diagnostic units were finished. In 2009 complete inpatient and outpatient complex starts-up, and since 2009 the total strength of the patients, who deliver high-tech medical care will increase to 15 000 people.

Since 2008 designing and building of the Federal Perinatal Center has been continued. The integration of the inpatient and outpatient complex and Perinatal Center allows to apply modern technologies to all medical activities of the Center, including surgical interventions in pre- and neonatal period. The management of the Center can be involved in solving problems of birth rate increase, death rate decrease and disability decrease, which were sketched in the Concept of a demographic policy of the Russian Federation for the period till 2025.

In 2008 Almazov National Medical Research Centre began  targeted program planning of research efforts and started 7 complex research programs. As a result of the research efforts 10 invention applications were lodged to Federal Agency of intellectual property, patents and trademarks, 7 computer programs and databases were registered, 5 applications for using of the new medical technologies created in  the Center are approved, 23 new medical technologies were approved by Federal Service for the Supervision of Public Health and Social Development in accounting 2008 year.

Since 2004 the dissertation defence organization is working in the Centre. 12 master's dissertations have been defended in 2008.

After inpatient and outpatient complex started working, the Center was ready for the scientific clinical educational complex for professional trainings of doctors creation, middle-level medical staff and engineers of medical equipment for other Federal Centres of cardiovascular surgery and other treatment-and-prophylactic establishments delivering high-tech medical care.

In 2008/2009 98 specialists study in clinical internship, postgraduate study, doctoral studies in various fields at the Centre: they learn special subjects: “Cardiology”, “Cardiovascular surgery”, “Anesthesiology and resuscitation”, “Functional diagnostics”, “Clinical laboratory diagnostics”, “Hematology”, “Endocrinology”, “Transfusiology”.

The educational activity of Almazov Centre is based on creation in Russian Federation continuous interdisciplinary medical personnel training system, focused on improvement of quality and increase in high-tech medical assistance rendering, supported with methodical, personnel and technical maintenance. In particular, in 2008—2009 the project of creation on basis of the Center of a scientific inpatient educational complex of high medical technologies is realized. The offer on creation of the federal scientific inpatient educational centers for specialists high-tech medical preparation have been presented at High-tech medical assistance development meeting, on 23.01.2008 in Penza under the chairmanship of the President of Russian Federation V. V. Putin.

In 2009/2010 Almazov Centre is ready to start the educational internship activity on special subjects: therapy, surgery, genetics, anesthesiology and resuscitation, neurology, clinical laboratory diagnostics, roentgenology, pathological anatomy, sister activity management.

Prospects of educational programs  expansion are caused by the fact that decrease in the number of cardiovascular diseases and death rates because of cardiovascular diseases in Russian Federation is closely connected with development of cardiovascular surgery, and the population need in  high-tech medical assistance in cardiovascular surgery is not satisfied. In accordance with the National Priority project in sphere of public health services, realization of the program of high-tech medical assistance is provided by creation of new federal medical centers, including cardiac surgery centers.

For the system solution of a problem at federal level new associations should be created as a part of the scientific and clinical centre and the medical HIGH SCHOOL, united in scientific and inpatient educational complex.

Actually in the Center’s structure  there are  inpatient and outpatient complex of 350 beds, which starts working in 2009, and a medical-rehabilitation complex of 360 beds, including: 300 cardiological beds, including 35 beds of a day hospital, 60 beds of warmly-vascular surgery, anesthesiology unit — 18 beds. Outpatient department is intended for 360 daily visits in two shifts, a day hospital with 10 cots.

The qualified staff and high-technical equipment of the clinic allow to render high-tech medical aid on a profile «cardiovascular surgery» and the most difficult interventions on heart and vessels: prosthetics and plastics of valves, ascending aorta plastics, multivalvural prosthetics and a plastics of auricles and ventricles, heart bypass, which include cardiac autotransplantation, surgical treatment of postinfarction  aneurysm left ventricle and ventricular septums, an ischemic heart disease and a pathology brachiocephalic vessels, surgical treatment of all forms of congenital heart diseases, aortarctias.

The Centre is included in the List of establishments of the public health organization which are performed transplantation of bodies and fabrics of the person (the order of Ministry of Public Health and Social Development №354/40 from 25.05.2007).

Since 2006 the Centre clinic began to provide free-of-charge high-tech treatment of patients with endocrine diseases and rheumatology diseases. Nowadays the centre has made preparation for integration of following kinds of high-tech medical aids, such as hematology, cell therapy, transplantation of organs (heart, lungs) and endocrine diseases surgery. One of the future important directions of the Centre is delivery of care to the women suffering a cardiovascular pathology in period of pregnancy and childbearing and also antenatal diagnostics and conducting congenital anomalies of heart and vessels with further surgical corrections. In the Center clinic the system on hi-tech medical aid on the establishment profile system works constantly which is based on new developments  in the field of information and telemedical technologies.

The international relations of the Centre are carried out in the sphere of united scientific work and educational programs with Carolinian University (Stockholm, Sweden), with Yale University (USA) — as specialist’s training  in sphere of «cardiovascular surgery» and «endovascular x-ray surgery», Institute Pasteur Louie in Strasbourg (France) — in the sphere of transplantology, with the Cardiological centre of Milan (Italy), Universities of Ferrara (Italy), Iowa (USA), Oslo (Norway).

Carolinian University is the leading medical high school of Europe and connection between it and the Centre has developed in many advanced scientific and clinical directions since year 2000.