Музей в Центре В. А. Алмазова

Museum of  Almazov National Medical Research Centre

Vladimir Almazov, Academician of Russian Academy of Medical Science — the Founder and the first Almazov National Medical Research Centre Director, could celebrate 80 years at 27 May, 2011. But unfortunately the 80th anniversary was made without him, on 2001 Professor Almazov died.

As a part of the 80th anniversary celebration the museum was stately inaugurated at 19 May, 2011.

Nowadays this museum is dedicated to a great life and work experience of Vladimir Almazov. A mono-functional museum space is presenting Almazov National Medical Research Centre usual life as a modern research centre. The Museum exhibition was made with chronicle forms and represents scientific, social and educational activities of Academician Almazov. Currently the Museum's collection includes more than 500 attributed items and more than 1000 auxiliary fund exposure items.

Address: 2 Akkuratova street (9th floor), St. Petersburg
Only organized groups are allowed, please contact in advance: +7 (812) 702-37-70