The construction is led by the Capital Projects Department of the Almazov National Medical Research Centre.

Currently, the following facilities are in operation:

Rehabilitation Clinic located at 15 Parkhomenko street, Main Clinical Complex (buildings 1 and 2) and Perinatal Centre located at 2 Akkuratova street.

At the end of 2016, two new buildings were put into operation: Rehabilitation Clinic for Children and Pre-Clinical Translational Research Centre.

Construction history

Главный клинический комплекс (корпус №1)

Main Clinical Complex (building 1)

Перинатальный центр

Perinatal Centre

Лечебно-реабилитационный комплекс

Rehabilitation Clinic

Главный клинический комплекс (корпус №2)

Main Clinical Complex (building 2)

Лечебно-реабилитационный комплекс для перинатального центра

Rehabilitation Clinic for Children

Pre-Clinical Translational Research Centre

Projects under construction

Group of buildinds for the Polenov Neurosurgical Institute

Planned projects

Реконструкция исторического здания РНХИ им. проф. А. Л. Поленова

Reconstruction of the historical building of the Polenov Neurosurgical Institute 

Научно-образовательный комплекс с общежитиями и административно-бытовым корпусом

Research and education complex with dormitories and administration block  

Санаторно-реабилитационный комплекс для детей

Health-resort and rehabilitation facility for children 

Клинический комплекс восстановительного лечения и реабилитации для взрослых

Rehabilitation treatment clinic for adults