The Construction takes place under the guidance of Capital Projects Department of the Almazov National Medical Research Centre.
By the present moment, the following objects have been built and put into service: Medical-Rehabilitation Complex located at 15 Parkhomenko ave., the Main Clinical Complex (Bld. 1 and Bld. 2) and the Perinatal Centre located at 2, Akkuratova Street.

At the end of 2016, 2 new buildings were put into operation: Rehabilitation Complex for the Perinatal Centre and Pre-Clinical Translational Research Centre.

The history of the construction

the Main Clinical Complex (Bld. 1)

Perinatal Centre

Medical-Rehabilitation Complex

the Main Clinical Complex (Bld. 2)

Rehabilitation Complex for the Perinatal Centre

Pre-Clinical Translational Research Centre

Projects under construction

Complex of buildings for the Polenov Neurosurgical Institute

Construction plans

Reconstruction of the historical building of the Polenov Neurosurgical Institute

Academic complex with dormitories and administrative block

Health-resort and Rehabilitation Complex for Children

Clinical Rehabilitation Centre