Clinical and Research Board


Professor Mikhail Karpenko, MD, DSc
Chairman of the Clinical and Research Board, Deputy Director General for Science and Clinic

Professor Vladimir Bairov, MD, DSc
Head of Research Laboratory for Surgery for Congenital and Hereditary Diseases

Professor Evgeny Barantsevich, MD, DSc
Head of Neurology Research Department

Andrey Bautin, MD, DSc
Head of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Research Laboratory

Professor Boris Bondarenko, MD, DSc
Head of Preventive Cardiology Research Laboratory

Mikhail Galagudza, MD, DSc
Director of Experimental Medicine Institute

Professor Mikhail Gordeev, MD, DSc
Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery Research Department

Professor Elena Grineva, MD, DSc
Director of Endocrinology Institute

Elena Demchenko, MD, DSc
Head of Rehabilitation Research Laboratory

Tatyana Zhelninova, MD, PhD
Chief of Diagnostic Centre

Irina Zazerskaya, MD, DSc
Deputy Director of Perinatology and Pediatrics Institute

Professor Andrey Zaritskey, MD, DSc
Director of Hematology Institute

Dmitry Ivanov, MD, DSc
Chief of Perinatal Centre, Director of Perinatology and Pediatrics Institute

Alexey Ilyin, MD, PhD
Head of Department for Disorders of Pregnancy

Yuri Kasherininov, MD, PhD
Head of Department for Medical Quality and Safety

Andrey Kozlenok, MD, PhD
Head of Blood Circulation and Physiology Research Department

Eduard Komlichenko, MD, DSc
Deputy Chief of Perinatology and Pediatrics

Professor Alexandra Konradi, MD, DSc
Deputy Director General for Research

Anna Kostareva, MD, PhD
Director of the Molecular Biology and Genetics Institute

Professor Elvira Kuleshova, MD, DSc
Chief Researcher for CHD Research Department

Dmitry Kurapeev
Head of Innovative Technologies Department

Dmitry Lebedev, MD, DSc
Head of Interventional Arrhythmology Research Department

Alexey Maslyansky, MD, PhD
Senior Researcher of Rheumatology Research Laboratory

Lubov Mitrofanova, MD, DSc
Head of Pathology Unit

Olga Moiseeva, MD, DSc
Director of Heart and Vessels Institute

Professor Alexander Nedoshivin, MD, DSc
Academic Secretary

Irina Nikitina, MD, DSc
Head of Pediatric Endocrinology Research Laboratory

German Nikolaev, MD, PhD
Head of Thoracic Surgery and Transplantation Research Laboratory

Vladimir Novikov, MD, DSc
Professor of Surgical Diseases Department of Orthotics & Cardiac Protection Research Laboratory

Professor Alexey Panov, MD, DSc
Head of CHD Research Department

Yuri Petrenko, MD, PhD
Head of Research Laboratory for Physiology and Diseases of Newborns

Evgeny Semernin, MD, PhD
Head of Infiltrative Diseases Research Department

Sergey Sidorkevich, MD, DSc
Head of Blood Donor Centre

Professor Maria Sitnikova, MD, DSc
Head of Heart Failure Research Department

Irina Strizhak, MD, PhD
Chief of the Clinic

Professor Boris Tatarsky, MD, DSc
Head of Cardiac Arrhythmias Research Laboratory