Eduard Malev


Leading researcher of Research Laboratory for connective tissue disorders, PhD.

In 1998 graduated from Pavlov State Medical University (Saint-Petersburg) with a degree in “General medicine” with honors. In 1998- 2000 took internship in “Cardiology” in Saint-Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

In 2001- 2006 he was the assistant of Internal Diseases Propaedeutics Department of Pediatric State Medical University.

In 2003 Eduard Malev was awarded PhD in cardiology (Thesis theme “Early diagnosis of chronic heart failure in patients with coronary heart disease”, supervisor Professor Edward Zemtsovsky).

Since 2006 Eduard Malev was a senior researcher of Research Laboratory for connective tissue disorders. In 2007—2010 he is the Head of the laboratory for ultrasonic methods. Since 2010 he became the leading researcher of Laboratory for connective tissue disorders.

From January 2011 — postdoctoral student, research theme “Mitral Valve Prolapse: epidemiology, diagnosis and pathogenesis”.

Research fields: diagnosis of mitral valve prolapse, the assessment of LV myocardial deformation.

Publications in US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health