Non-Coronary Heart Disease Research Department


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Prof. Olga Moiseeva, MD, DSc
Director of Heart and Vessels Institute, Chief Researcher of the Department

Major areas

Evaluation of RNA biomarkers in peripheral blood cells to substantiate their use in the prediction, diagnosis and analysis of the therapy effectiveness in patients with non-coronary myocardial disease.

The Research Department comprises 

Participation in State Assignments

Our specialists participate in the State Assignment “Transcriptomic biosignatures of peripheral blood cells for the prognosis of the course of non-coronary myocardial disease”.

As a result, the identified transcriptional biomarkers will be compared to the specific features of myocardial remodeling in various non-coronary myocardial disease. A wide gene analysis used to create a diagnostic panel will identify biomarkers of structural and functional myocardial changes in a particular pathological process and confirm the hypothesis on specificity of the gene expression profile.

In addition, a comparative study of gene expression in myocardial biopsies and peripheral blood cells will be carried out and thus it will allow using transcriptomic signatures of peripheral blood cells to predict the disease course and choose a personalized therapy tactics.

Major national and international projects

  • Participation in the Registry Of Pregnancy and Cardiac Disease (agreement with the European Society of Cardiology)
  • Research Agreement for the survey «Physician survey on unmet needs of patients with inoperable CTEPH» (The expert survey on medical provision for patients with inoperable CTEPH”).

Membership in scientific societies

The specialists of the Department are members of many professional societies:

  • Russian Society of Cardiology
  • European Society of Cardiology (ESC)
  • Heart Failure Association of the ESC
  • European Respiratory Society (ERS)
  • Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute (PVRI)

Some specialists are also members of the therapeutic expert group of the Central Attestation Commission in the Northwestern Federal District, experts of the working group of the Scientific Council of the Russian Ministry of Health (scientific platform «Cardiology and Angiology»).

Major publications

Ghofrani H.A., Simonneau G., Jaïs X., D'Armini A.M., Fedullo P., Kim N.H., Howard L.S., Jenkins D.P., Jing Z.C., Madani M.M., Martin N., Papadakis K., Richard D., Mayer E., Lang I., Kähler C., Delcroix M., Bshouty Z., Varela P.S., Yang Y. et al. Macitentan for the treatment of inoperable chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (merit-1): results from the multicentre, phase 2, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study.  The Lancet Respiratory Medicine. 2017. Т. 5. № 10. С. 785-794. IF 22,922.
Режим доступа:—2600 (17) 30305-3/fulltext.

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Irtyuga O.B., Malashicheva A.B., Zhiduleva E.V., Freilikhman O.A., Rotar O.P., Back M., Tarnovskaya S.I., Kostareva A.A., Moiseeva O.M. Notch1 mutations in aortic stenosis: association with osteoprotegerin/rank/rankl. BioMed Research International. 2017. Т. 2017. С. 6917907. IF 2,583.
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Galiè N., Channick R.N., Frantz R.P., Grünig E., Jing Zh.Ch., Moiseeva O.M., Preston I.R., Pulido T., Safdar Z., Tamura Yu., McLaughlin V.V. Risk stratification and medical therapy of pulmonary arterial hypertension. European Respiratory Journal. 2019. Т. 53. № 1. С. 1801889. IF 12,242.
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Karpov A.A., Puzanov M.V., Docshin P.M., Moiseeva O.M., Anikin N.A., Ivkin D.Y., Krasnova M.V., Galagudza M.M.  Non-inferiority of microencapsulated mesenchymal stem cells to free cells in cardiac repair after myocardial infarction: a rationale for using paracrine factor (s) instead of cells International. Journal of Experimental Pathology. 2019. Т. 100. № 2. С. 102-113. IF 1,706.
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Kudryavtsev I.V., Serebriakova M., Isakov D., Zhiduleva E., Murtazalieva P., Titov V., Malashicheva A., Shishkova A., Semenova D., Irtyuga O., Moiseeva O., Golovkin A. CD73 rather than cd39 is mainly involved in controlling purinergic signaling in calcified aortic valve disease. Frontiers in genetics. 2019. Т. 10. № JUN. С. 604. IF 3,517.
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Patents and inventions

Patent RU 2357250 C1, 27.05.2009, application No.2007145813/15 dated 10.12.2007
«Method for the prediction of CHF course»
Authors: Karelkina E., Moiseeva O.

Patent RU 2357258 C1, 27.05.2009, application No. 2007142942/15 dated 20.11.2007
«Method for the prediction of regression from left ventricular myocardial hypertrophy in patients with aortic stenosis after aortic valve replacement»
Authors: Moiseeva O., Goncharova N.

Patent RU 2341801 C2, 20.12.2008, application No. 2006142168/15 dated 28.11.2006.
«Method for evaluating the effectiveness of antihypertensive therapy in AH patients»
Authors: Moiseeva O., Novoselov S., Margulis B., Guzhova I.

Patent RU 2649506 C1, 03.04.2018, application No. 2016147662 dated 06.12.2016.
«Method for determination of the electroanatomical substrate in contact mapping of high density of the endocardial surface of the left atrium to stratify the risk of recurrent AF after circular isolation of pulmonary veins in patients with paroxysmal and persistent AF»
Authors: Orshanskaya V., Belyakova L., Kamenev A., Mikhailov E., Moiseeva O., Lebedev D.

Patent RU 2618435 C1, 03.05.2017, application No. 2016114809 dated 15.04.2016
«Method for microencapsulation of stem cells»
Authors: Karpov A., Puzanov M., Almukhametova F., Lomakina A., Cherepanov D., Moiseeva O., Galagudza M.

Patent RU 2716455 C1, 11.03.2020, application No. 2019125445 dated 12.08.2019.
«Method for balloon angioplasty of the pulmonary artery branches in CTEPH patients»
Authors: Marukyan N., Simakova M., Moiseeva O., Zverev D., Zubarev D.

Database registration certificate RU 2015620910, 11.06.2015, application No. 2015620240 dated 20.03.2015.
«Registry of patients with varying degrees of severity of aortic stenosis (PAC)»
Authors: Irtyuga O., Murtazalieva P., Zhiduleva E., Kozlenok A., Moiseeva O.

Database registration certificate RU 2016621200, 01.09.2016, application No. 2016620912 dated 05.07.2016.
«Registry of patients with ascending aorta dilatation (PABOA)»
Authors: Irtyuga O., Gordeev M., Kozlenok A., Moiseeva O.

Database registration certificate RU 2018620437, 14.03.2018, application No. 2018620083 dated 16.01.2018.
«Registry of CTEPH patients»
Authors: Simakova M., Marukyan N., Ryzhkov A., Karpova D., Moiseeva O.



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