Rehabilitation Research Laboratory

Elena Demchenko
Head of the Laboratory, MD, PhD

Research topics:

  • Educational programs for patients with cardiovascular disease
  • Economic aspects of rehabilitation and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases
  • Psychological rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular disease: the organizational and methodological aspects
  • Programs for physical rehabilitation of patients with cardiovascular disease for inpatient and out-patient services
  • Dynamic observation of outpatient patients with CVD

Bedside work:

  • Outpatient follow-upe of patients after myocardial revascularization
  • Psychodiagnostic and psychocorrectional in patients with cardiovascular disease

The Laboratory for Rehabilitation is involved in the research work “Cost-effectiveness modeling of medical events using the example of rehabilitation of the patients after high-tech medical care in the profile “Cardiovascular Surgery” supported by the Russian Humanities Research Foundation,grant № 12-02-00436

IThe Head of the Laboratory Elena A. Demchenko was awarded the diploma of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, 2013