Department of Nuclear Medicine and Theranostics with Radiopharmaceutical Development Group


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Darya Ryzhkova, MD, DSc
Chief Researcher
Professor of the RAS


  • Radiopharmaceutical Development Group


  • Studying the diagnostic effectiveness of radionuclide imaging methods in patients with internal diseases.
  • Developing and implementing the modern radioisotope techniques, new radiopharmaceuticals and software applications for the processing of diagnostic and research data.

Major research areas

  • Developing radiosynthesis methods and creating the quality standard for radiopharmaceuticals based on cyclotron and generator-produced positron-emitting isotopes.
  • Enhancing the preparation methods, development of optimal scanning protocols and introduction of radioisotope technologies
  • Developing and improving the protocols for radionuclide studies and computed tomography to reduce the exposure of patients and medical staff to ionizing radiation.

Major achievements

  • Improvement of radiochemical synthesis methods and creation of a quality standard for [18F]-based radiopharmaceuticals: [18F]-fluoromisonidazole ([18F]FMISO) and [18F]L- dihydroxyphenylalanine ([18F]DOPA).
  • Improvement of the technology for producing [13N]-ammonia.
  • Modification of the anion-exchange technique for concentrating 68Ga isotope.
  • Creation of an automatic synthesis module for 68Ga-based radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Improvement and introduction of radioisotope techniques:
    — 18F-FDG PET/CT to diagnose inflammatory heart diseases and pituitary microadenomas.
    —18F-DOPA PET/CT for differential diagnosis of diffuse and focal forms of congenital hyperinsulinism, neuroendocrine tumors.
    — 13N-ammonia PET/CT at rest and stress in combination with MSCT coronary angiography to assess the functional extent of coronary atherosclerosis, diagnose microvascular cardiac disease and assess the effectiveness of reconstructive cardiovascular surgery.
    — 18F-sodium fluoride PET/CT to predict the progression of aortic valve stenosis.
    — Contrast-enhanced 18F-FDG PET/CT for differential diagnosis of cardiac tumors.
  • Development of methodological guidelines on radiation safety for radiology procedures.
  • The Research Department for Nuclear Medicine and Theranostics together with Radiopharmaceutical Production Department, Radiopharmaceutical Quality Control Department and Radioisotope Imaging/PET Department are comprised in the Nuclear Medicine Research Unit. Specialists of the Research Department have published more than 130 articles in peer-reviewed journals, authored chapters in 9 monographs and guidelines, gave more than 200 presentations at national and international conferences, filed 9 patents for invention.

International collaboration

The Research Department is engaged in international collaboration with PET centres of Turku (Finland).

It is a member of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine.

Darya Ryzhkova, Chief Researcher


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