Nov 232017

In such complicated cases, a newborn needs resuscitation, intensive care and specialized complex treatment within one hospital. The Almazov National Medical Research Centre can provide such opportunity. Today, six months after the baby's discharge and careful follow-up, doctors can be sure in the success and effectiveness of the medical care provided.

In November 2016 in St. Petersburg, a boy with a large tumor in the abdominal cavity was born. Three hours after his birth, he was transferred to one of the city children's hospitals for diagnostic procedures. The newborn’s condition was extremely severe, he was on artificial pulmonary ventilation.

The medical examination confirmed a dangerous diagnosis — hepatoblastoma with massive lesion in the liver left lobe. “Hepatoblastoma is an aggressive malignant liver tumor of embryonic origin  characterized by rapid development of life-threatening conditions,” — explained Yulia Dinikina, Head of Chemotherapy and Bone Marrow Transplantation Department for Children.

Preoperative chemotherapy followed by surgery is currently the world standard. The boy got four courses of chemotherapy, and all this time his condition remained critical. At the end of the fourth course positive dynamics was marked, the tumor was diminished, the child's condition stabilized. In February 2017 (at the age of 3 months) he underwent radical surgery of the tumor in the liver left lobe. The operation was successful due to the highest level of qualification and extensive experience of the surgeon, Professor Vladimir Bairov, and the Head of the Department of Surgery for Children, Dr. Anna Sukhotskaya.

Further treatment was in the Chemotherapy and Bone Marrow Transplantation Department for Children, where the boy underwent three more courses of chemotherapy. Throughout the time, many specialists evaluated his MRI data and monitored the condition.

In April 2017, after six months of intensive treatment, the stable remission was achieved, and the child was discharged from the hospital. “When one of our patients goes home, this is a great victory and joy for us, it means we can give health to one more little child and happiness to his family,” – told Yulia Dinikina. In November 2017, the boy was 1 year old, and taking into account the results of the latest control examination, the Almazov Centre doctors consider the completed complex treatment to be successful.