Dec 182017

Dear colleagues,

It is our pleasure to invite you to the All-Russian Youth Medical Conference with international participation Almazov’s Readings 2018 that will take place on May 16–18, 2018 at the Almazov National Medical Research Centre. As part of the event, the Centre will host the Young Professionals Forum under the theme “Almazov’s Workshop” where the leading specialists in the field will deliver sessions covering the latest clinical recommendations and guidelines.

The conference will be a platform to present the latest scientific achievements and exchange experience as well as to facilitate the cooperation between the young scientists from different research and clinical centers of Russia and abroad. At the plenary session, diplomas will be awarded for the best presentations.


The conference and forum will feature:

•    daily workshops and lectures by the leading specialists on all topics of the conference
•    research paper competition for students, residents and young scientists
•    poster session
•    Translational Medicine session
•    cultural programme (excursions in Saint Petersburg, buffet lunch)

Conference topics

•    Obstetrics and gynecology
•    Anesthesiology, reanimatology and transfusiology
•    Hematology
•    Cardiology, including:
—     Hypertension
—     Coronary heart disease
—     Chronic heart failure
—     Heart rhythm disorders
—     Non-coronary myocardial diseases
•    Clinical laboratory medicine
•    Molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics
•    Neurosurgery
•    Neurology
•    Pathology (anatomic pathology, physiology)
•    Pediatrics and pediatric surgery
•    Nuclear medicine
•    Rheumatology
•    Radiology
•    Cardiovascular surgery; X-ray endovascular diagnosis and treatment
•    Functional diagnostic testing
•    Endocrinology
•    Exercise therapy and sports medicine
•    Translational medicine
•    Legal issues in healthcare


The Young Professionals Forum Almazov’s Workshop will focus on a range of topics relevant to the today’s Russian medicine:​


1. Anesthesiology and reanimatology
— Course of the European Resuscitation Council on basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation and automated external defibrillation (BLS / AED Provider) with first aid scenarios
— Pulmonary circuit catheterization in modern intensive care and cardiology

2. Hematology
— Advances in modern therapy of oncohematological diseases. Therapy of chronic myeloid leukemia: from increased life expectancy to recovery
— CAR T-cell therapy for lymphoproliferative diseases

3. Children’s diseases
— Emergency care for paroxysmal heart rhythm disorders in children

4. Neurology
— Diagnosis and treatment of vertigo
— Pain and cognition
— Diagnosis of neuromuscular diseases. Clinical neurological examination

5. Diagnosis of neuromuscular diseases
— Surgery for glial tumors of functionally important brain areas with intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring
— Semiconductor laser in surgery for degenerative spine diseases

6. Molecular biology
— Molecular mechanisms of congenital heart disease

7. Cardiology
— Pulmonary hypertension. Discussion of clinical cases
— Evaluation of cardiovascular risk factors
— Arrhythmogenic dysplasia of the right ventricle

8. Ultrasound diagnosis
— 3D echocardiography in real clinical practice

9. Vascular surgery
— Hybrid technologies for aortic and peripheral arterial disease
— Demonstration from the operating room: hybrid surgery for multilevel lesions of the lower extremities

Satellite symposia

“Topical issues at the intersection of cardiology and neurology”
“Selected issues of diagnosis and treatment of vertigo”


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