Jun 222019

Dear colleagues,

We are delighted to invite you to the Saint Petersburg School of Arrhythmology 2019 that will take place on October 15–17, 2019 as part of the Regional Forum on Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery at Almazov Centre.

The Scientific and Organizing Committee is chaired by Dmitry Lebedev, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Vice-President of the Russian Society of Arrhythmology, Head of the Arrhythmology Research Department at Almazov Centre and Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation.

The School will feature symposia covering the latest advancements in arrhythmology, workshops on catheter procedures and implantation of devices for the treatment of arrhythmias and heart failure, showcase surgery for the implantation of cardiac pacemakers / ICD / CRT devices, catheter ablation for various tachyarrhythmias in adults and children. The programme will be of interest to cardiologists, pediatricians, cardiovascular surgeons, primary care physicians and arrhythmologists. Workshops on programming of implantable devices and on simulators of interventional procedures will be useful for mastering the practical skills of these procedures.

Goals of the School:

  • improvement of diagnostic and treatment standards for the management of patients with cardiac arrhythmias;
  • training of cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, primary care physicians and functional diagnostic specialists in modern diagnostic methods, relevant aspects of drug and interventional approaches to the treatment of heart rhythm and conduction disorders as well as the prevention of complications.

The School will discuss the hot topics of modern arrhythmology, including various aspects of diagnosis, drug and interventional approaches to the treatment of rhythm and conduction disorders. The event will feature plenary and breakout sessions, workshops and round tables on the following topics:

  • modern approaches to the prevention of sudden cardiac death
  • innovational arrhythmology
  • problems and prospects of pediatric cardiology and arrhythmology
  • translational and fundamental arrhythmology
  • aspects of anticoagulant and antiplatelet therapy
  • issues of cardiovascular pathology


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