Mar 172020

Dear colleagues,

Please note that the International Symposium The Fetal and Neonatal Heart: Implications for Adult Life has been postponed to June 29–30 in recognition to the growing health risks worldwide related to the COVID-19 virus.

We are still committed to organizing the symposium and hope very much to welcome you in St. Petersburg in June!


Almazov National Medical Research Centre
Preis School in Florence, Italy
Centre of Perinatal and Reproductive Medicine, University of Perugia, Italy

In cooperation with:

International Foundation on Maternal, Periconceptional, Perinatal and Neonatal Medicine
Association for European Pediatric and Congenital Cardiology

Today, substantial resources are devoted in the world to the early diagnosis of congenital fetal anomalies. Modern echocardiography in early pregnancy is essential for this. It can accuratey detect the smallest heart abnormalities and help determine in advance the appropriate treatment tactics, place and timing of delivery. However, full screening is often limited due to the lack of necessary knowledge and qualifications.

Almazov Centre is pleased to announce the international symposium on perinatal diagnosis and treatment of congenital heart defects and fetal dysrhythmias. It will bring together participants from more than 10 countries and feature lectures and discussions with the participation of recognized leaders in the field of perinatal diagnosis from Germany, France, Italy, Austria, the USA, Monaco, Sweden, Hungary, Spain.

The participants will also have a unique opportunity to attend the workshops led by world experts.

The event will be held in Russian and English, simultaneous translation will be provided.


Shlyakhto E.V. (Saint Petersburg)


Konradi А. О. (Saint Petersburg)
Gian Carlo Di Renzo (Italy)
Roberto Romero (USA)
Pervunina Т. М. (Saint Petersburg)
Komlichenko E. V. (Saint Petersburg)
Mikhailov А. V. (Saint Petersburg) 

Scientific Committee:

Bernard Benoit (Monaco)
Catia Bilardo (Netherlands)
Jochen  Grohmann (Germany)
Fatima Crispi (Spain)
Gerald Tulzer (Austria)
Gerry H Visser (Netherlands)
Giuseppe Rizzo (Italy)
Graziano Clerici (Italy)
Jeffrey Jacot (USA)
Katarina Hanseus (Sweden)
Lami Yeo (USA)
Laszlo Kornyei (Hungary)
Marian K Bakker (Netherlands)
Rabih Chaoui (Germany)
Yves Ville (France)
Bokeria Е. L. (Moscow)
Vasichkina Е. S. (Saint Petersburg)
Voronin D. V. (Saint Petersburg)
Gordeev М. L. (Saint Petersburg)
Grekhov Е. V. (Saint Petersburg)
Kogan I. Yu. (Saint Petersburg)
Kosovtseva N. V. (Ekaterinburg)
Kostareva А. А. (Saint Petersburg)
Kryvoschekov Е. V. (Tomsk)
Kryuchko D. S. (Moscow)
Makatsariya A. D. (Moscow)
Movsesyan R. R. (Saint Petersburg)
Moiseeva О. М. (Saint Petersburg)
Nikiforov V. G. (Saint Petersburg)
Shkolnikova М. А. (Moscow)

Scientific Secretariat:

Averkin I.I.
Govorov I.E.
Morozov A.A.
Tsibizova V.I.

Symposium topics:

  • Fetal echocardiolography
  • Core concepts in fetal cardiac function
  • Functional changes from prenatal to postnatal life
  • What about the third dimension?
  • Fetal cardiac function disease states
  • 1st trimester vasculature imaging
  • What’s new in STIC imaging?
  • Impact of computerisation/artificial intelligence
  • Fetal cardic remodeling and dysfunction in PE and FGR
  • Sonopathological correlation of 1st trimester cardiac defects
  • Right ventricular outflow tract anomalies
  • Cardiovascular intensive care
  • Fetal dysrhythmia
  • Genetic myocardial disease
  • 3D cardiac reconstruction
  • Congenital hearth surgery
  • Neurodevelopment and psycho social care
  • Electrophysiology

The symposium will feature a practical course FINE TECHNOLOGY.

About course

FINE TECHNOLOGY is a unique one-day free-of-charge simulation course for ultrasound specialists. The course was developed by professors Lami Yeo and Roberto Romero. Fetal intelligent navigation echocardiography (FINE) is a novel method that automatically generates and displays 9 standard fetal echocardiographic views in normal hearts by applying “intelligent navigation” technology to STIC volume data sets.

The simulation course can help identify and accurately diagnose fetal heart defects.

Attendees of the FINE TECHNOLOGY course will receive a certificate signed by the authors of the method.

Venue: Almazov National Medical Research Centre, Congress Centre, Library Hall
2 Akkuratova street, St. Petersburg, Russia

The number of participants is limited.

To apply for participation, please send an email to:


Symposium attendees are responsible for making their own reservations directly with the hotel of their choice.


Registration is free of charge but pre-registration is mandatory if you want to attend.


PR and Conference Department of Almazov National Medical Research Centre

Tel.: +7 (812) 702-37-16

Organizing agency:
MCA Milan

Venue: Almazov National Medical Research Centre, Congress Centre, Pavlov Hall
2 Akkuratova street, St. Petersburg, Russia.