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On March 2–3, the Arrhythmology Research Department headed by Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences and cardiovascular surgeon Dmitry Lebedev held a workshop on the implantation of dual-chamber pacemakers with the ventricular lead placed at the bundle of His.

Today, His bundle pacing is one of the physiological methods to support the proper functioning of the myocardium when pacemaker implantation is required. In patients with impaired atrioventricular conduction, a high percentage of ventricular pacing with standard positioning of the lead in the apex of the right ventricle over time can lead to heart failure due to improper distribution of electric pulses from the tip of the lead, which leads to myocardial dyssynchrony with decreased pumping function. A new method of implanting the ventricular lead directly into the area of ​​the His bundle allows preserving the natural propagation of the cardiac excitation wave without myocardial dyssynchrony. The surface ECG reflects this as a narrow paced QRS complex identical in form and duration to the patient’s own native rhythm.

His spike before_0

Selective His bundle pacing: the paced QRS complex is identical in form and duration to the native QRS complex

Almazov Centre is one of the pioneers of His bundle pacing in Russia and the developer of the protocol «Clinical testing of the method for permanent pacing of the His bundle in adult patients with indications for permanent dual-chamber pacing.» The protocol will be used to create a National Registry of His Bundle Pacing involving not only participating clinics but also enthusiasts interested in this new approach for the treatment of patients with conduction disorders.

The workshop was a two-day educational and practical course for cardiovascular surgeons and cardiologists specializing in interventional arrhythmology and cardiac pacing. The event brought together 12 top specialists from various clinics: National Medical Research Centre for Preventive Medicine (Moscow), National Medical Research Centre for Cardiology (Moscow), Meshalkin National Medical Research Centre (Novosibirsk), Tyumen Cardiology Research Centre, St. Petersburg City Hospital No. 26, St. Petersburg City Hospital No. 40, Mechnikov Medical University, Pavlov First St. Petersburg State Medical University.

Участники МК_0

Participants of the workshop

The major guest of the event was Professor Laszlo Geller, cardiovascular surgeon, arrhythmologist and head of interventional arrhythmology department at Semmelweis University Heart and Vascular Centre (Budapest, Hungary).

The workshop featured key lectures covering the indications, technical features of His bundle pacing, programming features of the corresponding cardiac pacing systems. The team of Prof. Dmitry Lebedev and Prof. Laszlo Geller performed 5 implantations of cardiac pacing systems in the X-ray OR, and selective His bundle pacing was successfully achieved through the use of the new technology.

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Prof. Dmitry Lebedev Almazov Centre team and guests


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