Dec 162020


Almazov Centre has launched the latest CT scanner Somatom Force from Siemens (the first scanner of such type in Russia). The Somatom Force is Siemens' flagship dual-source CT system. It offers a set of unique advantages. It has a new powerful X-ray tube allowing for enhanced spatial resolution of CT images, and its new tin filters significantly reduce the X-ray dose. The scanner has the fastest rotation speed (4 rotations per second) and provides the industry's highest acquisition speed (730 mm/s).

Thanks to this new scanner, specialists have the opportunity to perform a free-breathing CT scanning in severe patients without losing image quality. Also, a cardiac CT scan can be performed regardless of the heart rate, with high heart rate no longer being a limiting factor for this type of study.

Somatom Force is the third generation dual source CT scanner, which incorporates two X-ray tubes. This new scanner is designed to provide high-resolution images at an ultra-high scanning speed, while significantly improving the diagnostic quality. However, Almazov Centre has been well familiar with this technology as the very first Somatom Definition scanner has been used here for many years.