Dec 292020


Due to the difficult epidemiological situation, the awarding ceremony was held via video conferencing. All organizations whose employees were nominated for the awards connected to the live stream from the Governor's office. The ceremony was opened with the National Anthem of the Russian Federation, then the Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov addressed the participants of the video conference with a welcome speech.


The ceremony continued with the reading of the Presidential Decree on national awards to be presented by the chiefs of the organizations on behalf of Governor Alexander Beglov.


The following specialists of Almazov Centre received the Order of Pirogov:

  • Kirill Gindin, Head of the Clinical Department;
  • Mikhail Karpenko, Deputy Director General;
  • Vadim Rubinchik, Head of the Clinical Department;
  • Irina Strizhak, Chief of the Clinic;
  • Lyudmila Shirokova, Doctor.

Two nurses of the Centre were awarded the Luka Krymsky Medal:

  • Irina Lapina, senior nurse of the clinic;
  • Natalia Mikhailova, senior nurse of the clinic.

Earlier in October, Deputy Director General for Research, Alexandra Konradi received the Order of Pirogov.