Nov 102022


On November 9, the Solnechnoye Scientific and Educational Biomedical Centre hosted a pilot event of the Training and Exhibition Demonstration Ground for Innovations in Medicine of Almazov Centre themed “New opportunities and development tools for healthcare industry.”

Members of the panel discussion were: Vice Governor of St. Petersburg S. V. Kazarin; Vice Governor of St. Petersburg O. N. Ergashev; Head of Technology Infrastructure Development of the Committee for Industrial Policy, Innovation and Trade of St. Petersburg A. A. Koshelev; First Deputy Chairman of the St. Petersburg Health Committee A. M. Sarana; Director General of Almazov Centre E. V. Shlyakhto; Director of the Research Facility for Digital Technologies in Biomedical Systems A. V. Vasin; Director General of Medical Robotics LLC S. A. Nikitin.

Director of the SafeNet Engineering Centre D. G. Kuvikov gave a presentation about the concept of the Training and Exhibition Demonstration Ground for Innovations in Medicine. The platform was created to organize and conduct events aimed at developing the medical industry and domestic production, expanding the domestic market, as well as improving the quality and accessibility of medical products.

In the exhibition area, the guests could discover new products from medical equipment manufacturers and gain new insight into the latest developments and solutions. The STC group of companies presented a voice-to-text data entry solution based on artificial intelligence, which has been used in Almazov Centre for two years already and has proven its effectiveness: it saves up to 30% of the radiologist’s time.

The SberMedAI company, part of the Sber health industry, presented the Digital Health Post, a mobile diagnostic system that comes housed in a compact case for safe transportation and storage, with an Internet connection and services based on AI algorithms. The system provides communication between medical organizations and remote rural settlements, allowing rural residents to receive a wide range of medical services, from routine examinations to scheduled and emergency consultations of specialized doctors from regional hospitals. The basic set of the Digital Health Post includes an ECG machine, a BP monitor, a blood and urine analyzer, a thermometer and a pulse oximeter.

The Alkor Bio Group of Companies presented the MagnoLIA analyzer, the first Russian magnetic particles-based chemiluminescence analyzer, which is a robotic system for immunoassay analysis by immunochemical method allowing the use in operator-free mode from the moment a human biomaterial sample is identified by this system until a visual result of the study is obtained.

Representatives of the Genotherapy Technologies company demonstrated a platform solution for regenerative medicine: an mRNA drug to accelerate wound healing.

The specialists of the Medgital company presented their development – a holographic surgical navigation system. At the exhibition stand, visitors could vividly see the relevance of exploiting augmented reality in surgery.

Omega.Future presented developments for self-learning and teaching: the Systema anatomy atlas, an interactive tool for human anatomy, and anatomy teaching aids created on the RedFab 3D printer, the only industrial FDM 3D printer in Russia for continuous autonomous printing.

Specialists of Evotech Mirai Genomics LLC spoke about their latest development – the LifePad portable express PCR test system, which is registered by the Russian Ministry of Health as the Russia’ first PCR system for testing at the point of care with the possibility of remote validation of the result.

DiViSy's booth demonstrated the operation of DiViSy DOR systems for mapping a multi-channel synchronous recording of a surgical procedure for further processing in a neural network. The mapping was carried out by two experts connected by the DiViSy telemedicine network.

The attendees watched the pilot demonstrations with great interest and took part in the discussion of the projects presented at the exhibition.



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