Dec 272022

Dear colleagues,

We are delighted to invite you to take part in the International Research-to-Practice Conference on Innovations in Endocrinology 2023 to be held on April 27–29, 2023 as part of the Programme of the World-Class Research Centre for Personalized Medicine.


Almazov National Medical Research Centre
St. Petersburg Professional Medical Association of Endocrinology
Society of Bariatric Surgery

The scientific programme of the conference will focus on personalized diagnostic and treatment tactics, the choice of optimal treatment methods based on the EBM principles and current needs of modern clinical practice, interdisciplinary interaction between doctors, as well as the analysis of data on changes in the quality of life in the course of treatment.

The conference will feature lectures, plenary sessions, scientific symposia, workshops, clinical case discussions, e-posters, training sessions for practitioners

Endocrinologists, pediatricians, general practitioners, gynecologists, neurosurgeons, endocrine and bariatric surgeons are invited to participate. Oncologists, morphologists, MRI, CT, ultrasound specialists and doctors of other specialties are welcome to join interdisciplinary discussions.

Topics to be covered include:

• Epidemiology and pathogenesis of endocrine disorders
• Endocrinology of the future – personalized medicine in the 21st century
• Genomic analysis as a new paradigm for addressing medical genetic problems and technologies to integrate the achievements of molecular medicine into clinical practice
• Modern strategy for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diabetes mellitus and its complications in children, adolescents and adults. Diabetes self-management programs and methods; remote monitoring: regional experience
• Insulin pump therapy and standard/innovative glycemic control methods – continuous glucose monitoring. Pump therapy in children and adults in Russia: opportunities, achievements, problems, prospects
• Reproductive health and diabetes. Diabetes and pregnancy. Gestational diabetes. Menopause in patients with impaired carbohydrate metabolism and diabetes mellitus
• Innovative high-tech methods for diagnosing and treating micro- and macrovascular complications of diabetes mellitus. Comorbidities
• Cardiodiabetology
• Post-transplant diabetes mellitus: terra incognita in diabetology
• Obesity and metabolic syndrome as an interdisciplinary problem
• Problems of bariatric surgery, postoperative monitoring; the role of bariatric surgery in the remission of diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome
• Topical issues of endocrine surgery
• Innovations and achievements in neuroendocrinology
• Modern approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid and parathyroid diseases. Interdisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and treatment of endocrine ophthalmopathy
• Reproductive health of women and men: from puberty to menopause and andropause: advanced technologies in gynecology and andrology, anti-aging medicine
• Vitamin D deficiency in children and adults. Osteoporosis, osteopenia and other metabolic bone diseases: causes and mechanisms of development, evaluation of the effectiveness of treatment and prevention, new targets for therapy
• COVID-19 and endocrine disorders
• Topical issues of pediatric endocrinology


Conference and Communications Department
Phone: +7 (812) 702-37-17

Venue: Almazov National Medical Research Centre 
Institute of Medical Education, 21 Kolomyazhsky avenue, St. Petersburg.


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