Jun 112024

Dear colleagues,
We are pleased to invite you to join us for the St. Petersburg Forum of Arrhythmology, which will take place from June 9th to 11th, 2024.
The Forum will discuss topical issues of clinical arrhythmology, fundamental electrophysiology of the heart, new approaches to the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias and conduction disorders.

Scientific and Organizing Committee:

Dmitry Lebedev, Professor of RAS
Chairman of the Scientific and Organizing Committee
Vice President, Russian Society of Arrhythmology

Chairpersons of the program committee:
Professor A. V. Panfilov (Moscow/Holland )
Professor  E. N. Mikhailov (St. Petersburg)
Professor E. S. Vasichkina (St. Petersburg)

Secretaries of the Scientific and Organizing Committees:
S. V. Garkina (St. Petersburg)
V. K. Lebedeva (St. Petersburg)
T. K. Kruchina (St. Petersburg)

Scientific topics of the Forum

Clinical and interventional arrhythmology
— New methods for the diagnosis of arrhythmias
— Sudden cardiac death
— Heart failure and arrhythmias
— Pharmacotherapy in arrhythmology
— Arrhythmia mapping and catheter ablation
— Implantable antiarrhythmic devices
— Pediatric cardiology and arrhythmology, hereditary diseases
— Geriatric arrhythmology
— Antithrombotic therapy and stroke prevention
— Sports cardiology and arrhythmology
— New types of energy on the heart’s conduction system
— Cardioneuroablation and neuromodulation
— Surgical arrhythmology

Basic and translational arrhythmology
— Morphological aspects of cardiac arrhythmias
— Anatomy and histology of the cardiac conduction system
— Neurophysiology and arrhythmias
— Imaging in arrhythmology and cardiology
— Clinical and translational research in arrhythmology
— Genetic aspects of arrhythmias
— Molecular and cellular arrhythmology
— Mathematical modeling in arrhythmology
— Digital Health: digital medicine and artificial intelligence

Professor Dmitry Egorov Memorial Session
— History of arrhythmology in Saint Petersburg and the USSR/Russia
— Professor Dmitry Egorov: memoirs of contemporaries
— Outstanding personalities in the history of arrhythmology
— Cardiac pacing: from A to Z

Registration for the Forum is available on the website of the Russian Society of Cardiology at https://www.scardio.ru/ in the «Events» section.

Participation in the Forum is free.

Technical organizer — The Almazov Foundation
2 Akkuratova str., St. Petersburg
Tel. +7 (812) 702-37-49, ext. 005359
E-mail: fond-hmt@yandex.ru

Communications and Conference Department, Almazov National Medical Research Centre
Tel. +7 (812) 702-37-17
E-mail: conference@almazovcentre.ru

Venue: Moskovskie Vorota Hotel 97A, Moskovsky ave., St. Petersburg


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