Thoracic Surgery Research Laboratory


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German Nikolaev, MD, PhD
Head of Laboratory, thoracic surgeon, Board Certified

Major areas

  • Surgery for thoracic tumours in combination with disease of heart valves, coronary vessels and aorta
  • Study of organizational and clinical aspects of organ transplantation in order to increase it accessibility and clinical effectiveness
  • Evaluation of thoracic surgery for patients with low functional respiratory and
    circulatory reserves, including patients after organ transplantation

Participation in State Assignments

The specialists of the Laboratory take part in the State Assignment «Molecular-genetic mechanisms of heart remodeling and markers for CHF prediction in patients with postinfarction cardiosclerosis» (coordinated by M. Sitnikova, 2018—2020).

Training and education

The specialists of the Laboratory are lecturers in clinical aspects of thoracic surgery and heart transplantation, they always participate in master classes on surgery for congenital chest deformities, organize annual advanced training cycles in “Terminal CHF therapy and therapeutic aspects of heart transplantation” at Almazov Centre.

Patents and inventions

Patent for invention RU 2678686 C1 issued on 30.01.2019, application No. 2017132601 dated 18.09.2017.
«Method for pulmonary circulation preparation in recipients before heart transplantation.»
Authors: M. Bortsova, A. Yakovlev, A. Bautin, V. Mazurok, P. Fedotov, S. Zayashnikov, M. Gurin, Yu. Sazonova, M. Sitnikova, M. Gordeev.