Cardiopulmonary Testing Research Laboratory


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Aelita Berezina
Chief Researcher

Major research areas

  • Differential diagnostics algorithms and prognosis assessment in CVD patients by cardiopulmonary testing
  • Diagnosis and effectiveness assessment in the treatment of socially significant diseases using functional mass spectrometry.

Participation in State Assignments

From 2015 to 2017, the specialists of the Laboratory took part in the state assignment “Identification of new markers of CVD and endocrine disorders and signs of disadaptation to physical exertion based on cardiopulmonary testing using mass spectrometry” (supervised by A. Berezina).

Since 2018, the Laboratory has been carrying out the state assignment on the “Technologies for diagnosis and effectiveness assessment in the treatment of socially significant diseases using multicomponent microanalysis of exhaled air” (supervised by A. Berezina).


Since 2020, jointly with the NCDs Epidemiology Research Laboratory and as part of the activities of the World-Class Research Centre for Personalized Medicine we have been working on the grant topic “Study of hereditary signs underlying the risks of metabolic disorders.”

Together with Non-Coronary Heart Disease Research Department, the Laboratory is carrying out research on the topic “Development of the risk stratification system for post-thromboembolic syndrome.”

Together with the Chair of Cardiology of the Advanced Training Faculty, we are carrying out research on the topic “Orthostatic reactions in heart failure: options, variability, associations and prognostic value.”

Since 2020, as part of the megagrant, the Laboratory has been conducting a study on the topic “Assessment of the relationship between the autonomous blood circulation restoration and heart failure dynamics after heart transplantation.”

Training and education

Since 2018, as part of professional training program Chief Researcher A. Berezina has been delivering the training cycle «Cardiopulmonary testing in clinical and sports medicine» for cardiologists functional testing and sports medicine specialists.

As part of the joint project of the Russian Society of Cardiology and AstraZeneca our experts give lectures at the master class «Basics of the effective medical care to CHF patients at the regional level.» They also provide telemedicine lectures with the participation of key regional, republican and municipal districts of the Russian Federation.

Jointly with the Heart Failure and Non-Coronary Heart Disease Research Departments, we conduct the educational training sessions on Heart Failure and Pulmonary Hypertension.

Major publications

Mikhailov N., Giniatullin R., Mamontov O.V., Kamshilin A.A. Parasympathetic cholinergic and neuropeptide mechanisms of migraine. Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine. 2017. Т. 7. № 1. С. e42210. IF 4,38. – Режим доступа:

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Patents and Inventions

Patent No. 2696937 issued on 07.08.2019, application No. 2018129811 dated 15.12.2018
“Method for diagnosing balance disorders of the autonomic nervous system in patients with ventricular arrhythmia caused by psychoemotional factors, without structural heart disease”
Authors: Alekseeva D., Mamontov O.

Certificate of software registration RU 2017614895 issued on 27.04.2017. Application No. 2017611651 dated 01.03.2017
«Program for separate assessment of activation and deactivation components of spontaneous arterial baroreflex during the Valsalva maneuver»
Authors: Gavrilova A., Kalinichenko A., Mamontov O.

Patent for invention RU 2549462 C1, 27.04.2015. Application No. 2014121907/15 dated 29.05.2014
«Method for determination of AH risk factor in women with abdominal obesity»
Authors: Belyaeva O., Brovin D., Chubenko E., Berezina A., Listopad O., Berkovich O., Karonova T., Baranova E., Shlyakhto E.

Patent for invention RU 2560345 C1, 20.08.2015. Application No. 2014111873/14 dated 27.03.2014
«Way to increase vitamin D levels in women with abdominal obesity and high risk of metabolic syndrome»
Authors: Karonova T., Belyaeva O., Chubenko E., Berezina A., Berkovich O., Baranova E., Grineva E., Shlyakhto E.



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