Jun 082019

On June 7–8, Almazov Centre hosted the first interdisciplinary conference on central nervous system tumors in children providing a venue to discuss diagnostic aspects and the current possibilities of antitumor and accompanying therapy.

Interdisciplinary discussion of clinical cases and the choice of treatment strategy is the key to timely and effective provision of specialized medical care.

The Conference was organized by Almazov National Medical research Centre and the Russian Society for Radiosurgery and Stereotactic Radiotherapy.

The conference covered a range of topics:

  • Epidemiology of malignant CNS tumors in children
  • Specialized care for children with CNS tumors
  • Clinical manifestations, course and prognosis
  • Early diagnosis
  • Neurosurgical care for children with malignant CNS tumors
  • Comprehensive treatment for CNS tumors in children
  • State of art: current antitumor therapies
  • Morphological and molecular-genetic features of malignant tumors in children
  • Challenges of intensification of antitumor therapy using high-dose chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy in children
  • Accompanying treatment, delayed effects, rehabilitation
  • Clinical case discussions