Mar 022020


In 2010, Almazov Centre performed the first heart transplantation in the Northwestern Federal District. Ten years have passed since then and during this time Almazov Centre performed 141 transplants, 6 of them in children aged 10 to 16 years. Thanks to the heart transplant programme, young patients could finish school and go to college, adults could get back to their studies, work and hobbies. Many of them became parents, were able to see their children and grandchildren grow up. A healthy heart gave them the ability to travel and play sports. For example, one of the patients was able not only to get back to active training in weightlifting, but also was ranked first in the international masters competition.

Today, heart transplantation remains a serious surgical intervention and its success largely depends on the experience and skills of surgeons. Almazov Centre has a high-tech medical equipment as well as a well-coordinated surgical team to successfully perform such surgery and manages such patients afterwards.