May 192022


The Forum is held as part of the Programme of the World-Class Research Centre for Personalized Medicine and is included in the list of events of the Russian Ministry of Health for 2022.

The event started with an opening speech by Russian Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko.

While wishing the Forum all the success, he emphasized that “the Forum is an important and meaningful annual event in the life of the Russian medical community and serves as a platform for developing comprehensive solutions to the most critical scientific, practical and educational challenges of modern medicine.”

His address was followed by a speech of welcome from Vice Governor of St. Petersburg Oleg Ergashev:

“This event has brought together the most prominent experts of our country. The 5th Saint Petersburg Medical Innovation Forum highlights that the issues of biomedical technologies are now at the forefront and will address the challenges faced by the country. These are issues of digital health and drug safety as well as technologies to increase life expectancy.”


Vice Governor thanked Director General of Almazov Centre Evgeny Shlyakhto for helping the city in the fight against COVID-19 as part of the working group. In his speech, Oleg Ergashev conveyed to all the participants and organizers of the event congratulations on the start of the Forum from Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov.

Vice Governor’s speech was followed by a welcome speech by Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology Policy Elena Gruzinova who noted that the Forum provided an excellent platform to discuss promising areas of research in all priority areas of medicine in the form of an open dialogue between experts and scientists.


Chairman of the Science and Higher Education Committee of the St. Petersburg Government Andrei Maksimov welcomed the participants of the Forum and thanked Evgeny Shlyakhto for bringing a range of professionals together on one site in a productive dialogue.


In her welcome address, Deputy Chair of the Sberbank Executive Board Olga Golodets referred to Sber as a technology company bringing its competencies for the benefit of individuals and society through the implementation of digital services. She noted that many of Sber's technologies and solutions are already being used in medical institutions and by individuals and that Sber's technology platform has become a reliable basis for the operation and development of services and solutions in various fields, including healthcare.


Director General of Almazov Centre Evgeny Shlyakhto thanked the distinguished guests for their kind remarks and trust and expressed confidence that the Forum would be a success, while wishing everyone fruitful work.


The Forum brings together specialists from various fields of medical science and related areas to discuss and share knowledge about new developments in the world of medicine, innovative methods ranging from bioengineering to digital technologies, joint projects of scientists and clinicians. It remains the largest annual meeting with numerous participants from not only Russia but also other countries like China, Uzbekistan, Germany, the USA, India, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Israel and Italy.

The event features a unique Healthcare Innovation Exhibition presenting the achievements of engineers, chemists, molecular biologists, medical practitioners and many other specialists. There are such innovations as a thermal imaging device (experimental model), an apparatus for transluminescent caries detection device (experimental model), a digital portable X-ray diagnostic system for neonatology (experimental model), a strain gauge tremorograph, astronaut’s functional monitoring system and vascular image analysis program.

The developments of Almazov Centre’s specialists include: a non-invasive glucometer (experimental model), a device for transcutaneous diaphragmatic stimulation (experimental model), a wearable heart monitor «Cardioscreen» and a program for pancreas images analysis.

The 5th Saint Petersburg Medical Innovation Forum also features the 4th Saint Petersburg Forum of Arrhythmology and Almazov Youth Medical Forum 2022.

The 5th Saint Petersburg Medical Innovation Forum brought together leading Russian and foreign experts from various fields of medical science and related areas. This year’s edition discusses the key tasks of modern biomedical science corresponding to the priority areas of the Strategy for Science and Technology Development of the Russian Federation, including programs for the development of personalized medicine, genetic technologies and academic leadership.