Laboratory of Nanotechnology

Dmitry Korolev
Head of the Laboratory, Associate Professor

Research Laboratory of Nanotechnology was founded in May 2009.

History of the school of thought and basic research directions

Key achievements

Participation in scientific programs

Laboratory of Nanotechnology is a young structural division. Over a short period of time, researchers of the Laboratory have participated in numerous symposiums and conferences, such as symposium “Modern Chemical Physics”, conference “Innovation in Medicine”, and others. In addition, researchers have participated in The International Nanotechnology Forum RUSNANOTECH (2009, 2010), The Russian Innovation Week Conference and All-Russian Youth Innovation Convent, and various national and federal innovative programs.


The Laboratory is working in close collaboration with the Department of Nanotechnology of St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (Technical University) and the Department of Solid State Chemistry of St. Petersburg State University.
Researchers of the Laboratory working in the field of innovation in collaboration with Innovation Advisory Centre “Innovation”, Innovation Support Centre of the Joffe Physical Technical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Ingria Technopark, Center of Consulting and Innovation “Rinno” Ltd.

Participation in scientific programs and Government Projects

Researchers of the Laboratory are involved in the following Government Projects of the Ministry of Health Care of the Russian Federation:

  • Development of inorganic carrier-based targeted drug delivery systems for the treatment of myocardial ischemia (D. V. Korolev, S. G. Zhuravsky, V. N. Postnov, E. B. Naumysheva, V. B. Ostashev, A. S. Krasichkov, I. S. Uskov)
  • Experimental and clinical research on application of neuroprotection with pharmacological and non-pharmacological preconditioning (N. S. Scherbak )
  • Evaluation of cellular therapy effects on various animal models of ischemia (A.A. Karpov)
  • Experimental and clinical research of new technique of myocardial protection from ischemia/reperfusion injury (Y. V. Dmitriev).

Key publications of the Laboratory

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Ivanov S., Zhuravsky S., Yukina G., Tomson V., Korolev D., Galagudza M. In Vivo Toxicity of Intravenously Administered Silica and Silicon Nanoparticles // Materials. — 2012. — № 5. — P. 1873—1889.

Shcherbak N., Popovetsky M., Galagudza M., Barantsevitch E., Shlyakhto E. The infarct-limiting effect of cerebral ischaemic postconditioning in rats depends on the middle cerebral artery branching pattern // International Journal of Experimental Pathology. — 2013. — Vol. 94. — № 1. — P. 34-38. doi: 10.1111/iep.12003.

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