Interventional Arrhythmology Research Laboratory


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Dmitry Lebedev, MD, DSc
Head of Arrhythmology Research Department and Laboratory, Professor of RAS


To study the fundamental approaches to improving interventional approaches to the treatment of arrhythmias and conduction disorders.

Newly developed and implemented technologies 

A new method – a pulsed radio-frequency current was proposed. An experimental generator was developed, the patent of the Russian Federation was obtained and the advantages of the proposed method vs. the traditional myocardial exposure were shown. Morphological studies undertaken jointly with pathologists have revealed a new structure of the cardiac conduction system. Many years of studies have made it possible to reconsider the structure of the causes of arrhythmias in apparently healthy patients, to change the diagnostic approaches and treatment tactics.

Currently, research is underway in the field of neuromodulation in cardiac arrhythmias and heart failure.

RAPID-HELP study was initiated (a Pilot Study of Spinal Cord Stimulation in Heart Failure Patients With Depressed Left Ventricular Function). Its results can fundamentally change the treatment options for patients with end-stage heart failure.

Research is underway to study renal denervation of the renal and pulmonary arteries in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.


  • Grant of the Russian Science Foundation 19-14-00134 “Development of a hybrid method of biophysical modeling of electromechanical myocardial function and machine learning to improve the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment of chronic heart failure” (supervised by: O. Solovyova, 2019—2021).
Major publications

Vasichkina E., Mitrofanova L., Tatarsky R., Lebedev D., Poghosyan H. Right ventricular endomyocardial biopsy in children and adolescents with drug-refractory arrhythmia. Cardiology in the Young. 2017. Т. 27. № 3. С. 435-442. IF 0,67. Link:

Patents and inventions

Patent RU 2707141 C1, 22.11.2019, Application No. 2018132147 dated 07.09.2018.
“Method for predicting the likelihood of detecting true ventricular tachycardia in patients with implantable devices for primary prevention of sudden cardiac death”
Authors: Lebedeva V., Klitsenko O., Lyubimtseva T., Lebedev D.

Patent RU 2611904 C, 01.03.2017, Application No. 2015145910 dated 26.10.2015.
“Method for elimination of non-coronary ventricular arrhythmias by radiofrequency catheter ablation of diastolic potentials”
Authors: Tatarsky R., Lebedev D., Vasichkina E., Rodionov V., Gorelov V.

Patent RU 2551636 C1, 27.05.2015. Application No. 2014101758/14 dated 21.01.2014.
“Method for optimizing atrioventricular delay in patients with cardiac resynchronization therapy”
Authors: Lebedev D., Lebedeva V., Lyubimtseva T.

Patent RU 2539993 C2, 27.01.2015, Application No. 2013123251/14 dated 26.04.2013.
“Method for evaluation of the anatomy of the heart and major vessels”
Authors: Osadchiy A., Lebedev D., Marinin V.

Patent RU 2493779 C2, 27.09.2013, Application No. 2010106528/14 dated 24.02.2010.
“Method of choosing a surgical method for delivery of a left ventricular lead in the treatment of chronic heart failure syndrome”
Authors: Lebedev D., Osadchiy A., Marinin V.



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