May 282021

From May 24 to 28, Almazov Centre held a scientific and practical seminar Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders. Traditionally, the event brought together participants from all over Russia as well as Uzbekistan and Armenia: surgeons, endocrinologists, general practitioners, anesthesiologists, psychologists and nutritionists. This year’s event attracted particular interest from the CEOs of clinics.


The seminar focused on bariatric surgery preparation, training for related specialists in the treatment of obesity and metabolic syndrome, the relevance of multidisciplinary approach.

Every day, leading bariatric surgeons analyzed the technical aspects of surgical procedures broadcasted from operating rooms for a more detailed study of important issues. Leading endocrinologists, anesthesiologists and psychologists shared their knowledge for a comprehensive immersion in all aspects of bariatric surgery.


The Society of Bariatric Surgery extends special thanks to the permanent organizers of the seminar: Honorary President of the Society Yuri Yashkov, Ex-President of the Society Alexander Neumark and the Institute of Medical Education of Almazov Centre.