Laboratory of Nervous System Pathology


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Yulia Zabrodskaya, MD, DSc
Head of Laboratory


The Pathology Laboratory of Polenov Neurosurgical Institute was established as a scientific unit the same year as the institute was founded, in 1926. Modern areas of research and a scientific basis were laid by Prof. Yuri Medvedev who headed the laboratory for more than 30 years (from 1985 to 2008).

Since 2008, the head of the Laboratory has been Yulia Zabrodskaya, one of the leading experts in neuropathology.

The Laboratory of Nervous System Pathology has a highly qualified team of 10 specialists that have been successfully elaborating on the fundamental problems in neuroscience and neurosurgical practice.

Newly developed and implemented technologies

The specialists of the research laboratory have developed and implemented medical technologies for the pathoanatomical diagnosis of brain diseases using post-mortem magnetic resonance imaging and post-mortem detection of hemodynamically significant stenosis of cerebral arteries.

Participation in State Assignments 

  • Development of new technologies for the diagnosis and management of patients in a prolonged unconscious state (2018—2020).
  • The connection between neurophysiological and pathomorphological mechanisms of the formation of the pathological system in structural epilepsy (2019—2021).
  • Development of minimally invasive personalized technologies for surgical treatment of patients with spinal diseases (2019—2020).

Training and education 

Postgraduate course on Anatomic Pathology of Neurosurgical Diseases.

Yulia Zabrodskaya, Head of Laboratory