Laboratory of Physiological Research in Neurosurgery and Neurology

Prof. Mikhail Alexandrov, MD, DSc
Head of Laboratory

Newly developed and implemented technologies

Localization of the epileptogenic zone based on the analysis of high-frequency (100-500 Hz) bioelectric activity of the brain.

Participation in State Assignments

The State Assignment on the topic: “The connection between neurophysiological and pathomorphological mechanisms of the formation of the pathological system in structural epilepsy”, 2019—2021.

Supervisor: Prof. Mikhail Alexandrov, MD, DSc

Major results
The patterns of neurophysiological, morphofunctional and molecular changes in the epileptogenic zone in drug-resistant structural epilepsy have been clarified.  Typical variants of morphofunctional changes in brain tissues in epileptic encephalopathy depending on the clinical course of drug-resistant epilepsy have been identified. The practical significance of the results is determined by the fact that the obtained data can serve as the basis for searching for new approaches to pharmacological management and surgical treatment of drug-resistant structural epilepsy.

Mikhail Alexandrov, Head of Laboratory