Laboratory of Infiltrative Heart Disease


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Evgeny Semernin, MD, PhD
Head of Laboratory

Brief History 

In 2013, the research team of Almazov Centre in collaboration with colleagues of Pavlov State Medical University and the Institute of Experimental Medicine studied the clinical manifestations of amyloid heart disease and initiated to set up the Infiltrative Heart Disease Laboratory at Almazov Centre.

Major areas

  • Development and improvement of examination and treatment methods for patients with infiltrative myocardial disease
  • Studying the prevalence and various forms of infiltrative myocardial diseases
  • Genetic testing of patients and relatives with infiltrative myocardial disease
  • High-tech methods of treatment for infiltrative myocardial disease


Participation in State Assignments

The specialists of the group take part in the State Assignments for 2018—2020:

  • Development of new molecular genetic and proteomic approaches for the diagnosis of primary and secondary cardiomyopathies for personalized therapy and prognosis (supervised by A. Kostareva)
  • Testing of effects in the concomitant use of periodic pneumatic compression and programmed electrical myostimulation for arterial blood flow disorders in the extremities (supervised by A. Krutikov)

Thesis supervision

PhD thesis on the topic «Clinical course and genetic determinants of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in elderly people» (2018, Angelica Polyakova).

PhD thesis on the topic «Molecular-genetic and morphological characteristics of the myocardial stroma in heart remodeling of CHF patients» (in progress, Evgeny Semernin).

Major publications

Knyazeva A., Krutikov A.N., Golovkin A.S., Mishanin A.I., Smolina N.A., Hushkina A., Galagudza M.M., Kostareva A.A., Pavlov G., Sejersen T., Sjoberg G. Time- and ventricular-specific expression profiles of genes encoding z-disk proteins in pressure overload model of left ventricular hypertrophy. Frontiers in genetics. 2019. Т. 9. № JAN. С. 684. IF 3,789. Режим доступа:

Gusel’Nikova V., Antimonov O., Fedorova E., Shavlovsky M., Korzhevskii D., Krutikov A., Gudkova A., Mikhailova E., Mikhailov V. Fluorescent characterization of amyloid deposits in the kidneys of mdx mice. European Journal of Histochemistry. 2018. Т. 62. № 2. С. 3-6. IF 2,425. Режим доступа:



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