Institute of Endocrinology


The Institute of Endocrinology at the Almazov Centre is one of Russia’s leading research and treatment facilities for endocrinology. The Institute uses the latest advances of Russian and foreign researchers in basic and clinical endocrinology.

Main research areas

The researchers of this Institute are developing methods for early diagnosis, treatment and prevention of hypothalamic-pituitary diseases, thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal gland disorders, neuroendocrine tumors, diabetes. These researchers initiated and developed the study on vitamin D deficiency and its correlation with the development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. They study the predictors for the development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases: polycystic ovarian syndrome and gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is studied for early detection and prevention of associated diseases in pregnant women, fetuses and newborns. The Institute performs bariatric surgery to treat obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes, studies the possible predictors of response to various surgical procedures.

The Institute of Endocrinology has advanced research and technical facilities for the study of pituitary and other neuroendocrine disorders.

The specialists of pediatric endocrinology lab study monogenic disorders of insulin secretion and sexual development. The pediatric endocrinology department provides comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic care for children with sexual differentiation and other sexual development disorders (hypogonadism, premature sexual maturation, menstrual irregularities, hyperandrogenic syndrome in girls, etc.), as well as rare genetic syndromes and other endocrine disorders in childhood and adolescence.

The Institute has highly qualified specialists: endocrinologists, endocrine surgeons, neurosurgeons as well as unique diagnostic facilities, including for molecular genetic studies. The advantage of the Institute is that it is a part of Europe's largest multidisciplinary center (Almazov National Medical Research Centre) and patients can receive all kinds of high-tech and specialized medical care within the same setting.

In addition, the staff of the Institute are actively involved in the examination and treatment of women with endocrine causes for impaired fertility, pregnancy management in women with endocrine diseases.

The Institute of Endocrinology has qualified teaching staff, training facilities and provides an opportunity to obtain all kinds of postgraduate training. Since 2013, we have been providing certification and refresher courses in pediatric endocrinology.

The Institute of Endocrinology comprises:

Prof. Elena Grineva, MD, DSc
Director of the Institute


Specialists from the Almazov Centre take part in the 57th Annual Meeting

Young researcher of the Almazov Center took part in the international conference EndoBridge2017

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