Research Laboratory for Diagnosis and Treatment of Pediatric Diseases


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Irina Leonova, MD, PhD
Head of Laboratory

Major research areas

  • Predictors of CVD and endocrine disorders in children
  • Neonatal cardiology
  • Deficiency states in the ante- , intra- and postnatal period
  • Topical issues of children’s growth and developmental assessment
  • Diagnosis and management of prenosological disorders
  • Children's health and its determinants

Participation in State Assignments

  • Obesity and metabolic syndrome predictors in children (topic «Studying the metabolic syndrome prevalence in children and adolescents»)
  • Vitamin D effect on fetus and newborn development (topic «The role of vitamin D deficiency in preterm birth, obstetric disorders, gestational diabetes and perinatal death» (together with the Laboratory of Reproduction and Women’s Health)


The Laboratory specialists take part in the State Assignment «Development and implementation of new methods for patient-oriented correction of pediatric nutritional status» (supervised by I.A. Leonova, 2018—2020).