Research Laboratory of Reproduction and Women's Health


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Lyubov Kuznetsova, MD, PhD
Head of Laboratory

Major research areas

  • Endothelial factors in preeclampsia. Biochemical markers of early preeclampsia.
  • Vitamin D deficiency in perinatal disorders. Calcium-phosphorus metabolism in pregnancy and lactation; approaches to prevent complications in mothers and newborns. Vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy loss pathogenesis.
  • Role of uterine artery embolization in the prevention of obstetric complications
    and treatment of gynecological disorders.
  • Menopausal disorders and their management in patients with cardiac and endocrine diseases. Changes in the elastic properties of blood vessels in menopausal women and during treatment of menopausal disorders. The role of vitamin D deficiency in postmenopausal osteopenia.
  • Possibility of using hormonal contraceptives in women with cardiac and endocrine disorders.
  • Functional changes of the vessel wall in normal and high-risk pregnancy.

Participation in State Assignments

  • «Personalized approach to reproductive health recovery and reduction of the risk of medical conditions in women with ovarian insufficiency» (supervised by I. Zazerskaya, 2015–2020)
  • «Search for therapeutic targets and predictors of gestational complications and fetal, neonatal and pediatric diseases»
  • «Studying the functional, morphological and genetic predictors of ovarian function to preserve the reproduction and women’s health»

Training and education

Modules and courses of continuing professional education:

  • Obstetrics and gynecology (certification)
  • Medical conditions and pregnancy
  • Laparoscopy in gynecology (simulation course)
  • Clinical obstetrics (simulation course)
  • Obstetric emergency
  • Oncogynecology
  • Hemostatic disorders in obstetrics: from bleeding to thrombosis
  • Selected issues of gynecological endocrinology (modules):
    • Preterm birth and pregnancy loss
    • Endocrine aspects of reproductive health
    • Menopausal problemsпроблемы менопаузы.

International collaboration

  • Research collaboration with the National Institutes of Aging, National Institutes of Health (Baltimore, Maryland, USA)
  • International experience exchange with Karolinska Institute (Sweden), Karolinska Institute grant on 2 topics: “Surgical treatment of Feto-Fetal Transfusion Syndrome” and “VW (vascular wall) changes in pregnancy”
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Patents and inventions

Patent for invention RU 2713436 C1 issued 05.02.2020, application No. 2019130693 dated 26.09.2019.
«Differential diagnosis of isolated preeclampsia and preeclampsia associated with undiagnosed chronic arterial hypertension»
Authors: O. Bettikher, I. Zazerskaya, V. Bart, N. Ryabokon



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