Research Laboratory for Physiology and Complications in Pregnancy and Delivery

Vladimir Vasiliev, MD, PhD
Head of Laboratory

Research areas

The Laboratory carries out research under the State Assignment “Study of intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) mechanisms and their implementation in the postnatal period as a risk factor for cardiovascular and endocrine diseases, search for new prenatal factors causing IUGR syndrome.”

The specialists diagnose IUGR in fetus, assess the severity and form of the condition, evaluate the abnormalities in the fetal circulation and functional changes in the mother-placenta-fetus system. They also analyze the immunological status of the mother and fetus in order to investigate the possible role of inflammation-related mechanisms of IUGR.

The Laboratory develops and uses extracorporeal blood purification techniques (plasmapheresis, plasma exchange, cryoplasmasorption, cascade plasma filtration and blood photo modification) for the treatment of conditions in pregnancy; autologous blood transfusion in pregnant women at high risk of severe blood loss at delivery (uterine fibroids, placenta previa, uterus scar); plasmapheresis and blood photo modification for the prevention of severe septic infections.