The Biobank was founded at the Almazov Centre in 2012 as a department for collecting, processing and responsible storage of biological samples and associated clinical data.

The Biobank has opportunities for collecting and processing of many kinds of biomaterials, such as serum and plasma, whole blood and buffy coats, bone marrow aspirate and concentrate, cell and tissue cultures, DNA/RNA samples, etc. from patients and healthy donors.

The Biobank is an extremely significant constituent as the Almazov Centre is not only clinical but also research facility. Eventually, every patient, either hospitalized or seen as an outpatient, should be evaluated as a potential donor of biological material (e.g., a sample of blood or saliva). If the doctor’s opinion is that this case is of interest for research of the disease in general (treatment, diagnosis, prediction and / or monitoring), the patient will be invited to become a donor of a biological sample to be used for research (as an object of research) rather than for clinical purposes (i.e. for transplantation). In this case, the donor should sign the informed consent form approved by the Ethics Committee of the Centre. Biological samples are usually drawn together with diagnostic samples (blood tests, etc.) without any inconvenience to the donor.

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