Rheumatology Research Laboratory

Prof. Vadim Mazurov, MD, Dsc
Head of Laboratory, Academician of RAS

Major areas:

  • Developing new diagnostic and prognostic markers in patients with inflammatory arthropathies, microcrystalline arthropathies
  • Assessing the endothelial function and elastic properties of the vascular wall in patients with rheumatologic diseases


  • In 2012, the study was completed to assess the diagnostic sensitivity and specificity of RA 33 as a diagnostic marker for seronegative rheumatoid arthritis (for the first time in Russia). The results were published. Together with the specialists of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, the Laboratory has created a biobank of synovial membranes from patients with rheumatoid arthritis and spondylitis, and candidate biomarkers of the disease are being explored.
  • A severity index for gouty arthritis, including its main features (tophi and excess uric acid levels) was developed. The development of endogenous intoxication syndrome was confirmed in elderly patients with gout and metabolic syndrome under chronic inflammation.
  • The capillaroscopy method was introduced into clinical practice. Based on this method, the study was planned to investigate the changes in the microvasculature in patients with systemic sclerosis.