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Almazov Centre carries on its international development in joint research, educational programs and clinical trials, and the number of international collaborations continues to rise.

In the second half of 2022, the Centre established collaboration with the following new partners:

1. National Centre for Neurosurgery (Republic of Kazakhstan)Лого_Национальный центр нейрохирургии

• Collaborative research projects in the field of neurosurgery and related areas.

2. Joinyea Education & Technology (China)Лого_Joinyea Education

• Collaboration on topical issues of spinal surgery, thyroid disorders and medullary cancer, joint seminars and symposiums.

In 2022, Almazov Centre held 2 international webinars with the China-Japan Union Hospital of Jilin University, China. The meetings focused on spine surgery and differential diagnosis of thyroid disorders.

3. Gulf Medical University (UAE)

• Collaboration aimed at finding solutions to common global and regional challenges using shared experience and complementary opportunities, jointly obtaining new knowledge and creating innovative products and services in the field of science, technology and education.Лого_Медицинский университет залива

In September 2022, Almazov Centre hosted an experience exchange event – a round table themed “The Medical School of the Future – Ways of Developing Medical Education” with a lecture by Prof. Hossam Hamdy, Chancellor of the Gulf Medical University.

4. St. Gregory the Illuminator Medical Centre (Republic of Armenia)Лого_Мед.центр Святой Григорий Лусаворич

• Collaboration in education and science in order to conduct joint research in the field of neurosurgery, neurology, neurocritical care and interventional treatments in cardiology.

5. National Children's Medical Center (Republic of Uzbekistan) Логотип_Национальный детский мед.центр (2)

• Collaboration implies an international partnership in the field of academic exchange, carrying out research projects and strengthening cultural ties between countries.

6. Shanxi Medical University (China) 

• Collaboration in science and education, inter-university academic exchange and organization of joint events in various fields of personalized medicine and physiology.Лого_Shanxi-Medical-University

In November 2022, Almazov Centre held an International Physiology Seminar with Shanxi Medical University. It focused on the topical issues of cell physiology and genetics, as well as the development and clinical use of innovative diagnostic and treatment approaches.
Watch the video of signing of the MoU here.

7. Comenius University in Bratislava and Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin (Slovakia) Университет Коменского-logoмед.факультет Есения в Мартине-лого

• Collaboration includes compiling a register of neurosurgical patients and research in endovascular neurosurgery.

Almazov Centre maintains international collaborations with:

• World Health Organization

Based on the successful results of collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) in carrying out jointly planned activities, Almazov Centre was reassigned the official status of a WHO Collaborating Centre for CVDs, eHealth and value-based medicine until 2026.
In 2022, the experts of Almazov Centre were involved in the updating of clinical protocols on non-communicable diseases for the project “Procurement of medicines and health products for the control of non-communicable diseases (NCD) in Turkmenistan through the United Nations Development Programme.”
Also, work was carried out to adapt the WHO list of priority medical devices for management of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes into Russian.

• Bar-Ilan University (Israel)Лого_Бар Илан университет

In collaboration with the Bar-Ilan University, Almazov Centre continues collaborative research projects to study predictors of gestational diabetes mellitus and postprandial glycemic response.

• Kazakh Russian Medical University (Kazakhstan)

This collaboration includes joint educational programs of higher education and the preparation of new advanced training programs for the training of highly qualified staff, the exchange of educational, methodological and scientific materials.

A total of 20 MoUs were signed or renewed in 2022.

For more details on previous agreements signed in the first half of 2022, please see:
















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